wom1I have carried a pack of Tarot Cards around with me for 30 years, I was given them as a present just before I started learning Astrology, and they have never left my side. After a few months of reading them, I put them away, for in some way, I felt afraid of them… uncertain about the way they operated, and unsure about the strange symbols that they contained. The biggest thing though, was that I was afraid of getting it wrong, afraid that what I was seeing, wasn’t right. I didn’t trust my intuition. Astrology seemed to offer more certainty… it was a science really, and could be measured with mathematical accuracy.However, they always came along, one of the things I promised myself I would learn when I had the time!

Fast forward to modern times……..

I had to admit that I had come to a place in my life where I felt backed into a corner. Professionally, emotionally, as a mother, a wife, as an employee and most importantly for me, as an Astrologer, I felt like I was standing on the edge of an abyss, with nowhere to run to. By chance, I picked up an old astrology magazine that was in the bookshelf and opened it at random, and read an article that seems to have set me on a new path, a path that generally only happens to other people that I read about in books, not real people like me. The article was by an astrologer, who related in a clear way, her relationship with her art, and how it had led her deeper and deeper into details in her search for understanding, until she had lost sight of the bigger picture. She could have been telling my own story, and it struck a strong chord, deep within me. The story also told of how she reconnected with her intuition, through learning to use the Tarot….. and of how she now used a combination of these two interrelated crafts and had never looked back. I liked this story….. it was one of those moments that explodes in your mind, the eureka moment when you see the long road of possibility ahead of you, and the abyss that was behind you has albeit temporarily ceased to exist.

Within days, I had set about finding a course… and the story that follows is my story, that I have experienced personally, through using the Tarot. It is a mixture of my mundane day to day experiences, entwined with the visions I have experienced in the inner realms, as I journey into the cards themselves to obtain greater insight into the way they work as guides, teachers and companions on our journey through life.