At some points in these journeys, there are references to someone called Malachi. This figure appeared very early on in my practice, and at first I met him regularly. Since I have continued my journeys, he appears less regularly, but seems always to be on hand if I require clarification on something.
After the first few times I had seen him, I researched the name, and interestingly, the original Hebrew name means “messenger”.

Below is an excerpt from giving a basic explanation to the origins of the name, and also the Name written in Hebrew with the corresponding Tarot Card associations.

Looking at the Tarot cards that correspond with the Hebrew letters is also interesting as they would together relate to much of the reasons why I have been attracted to understanding and using this infinitely rich and symbolic language.


(mal’ uh ki) Personal name or common noun meaning, “my messenger,” or “my angel” and name of the last book in the English Old Testament. Some people in ancient Israel believed that an angel wrote this book because of the name. We know nothing about Malachi other than what we are told in this book. He is not mentioned anywhere else in the Old or New Testaments. The Hebrew word for “Malachi” occurs only in Malachi 1:1 and Malachi 3:1 .

Yod          The Hermit                            Virgo
Kaph       The Wheel of Fortune        Jupiter
Aleph      The Fool                                  Air
Lamed    Adjustment/Justice             Libra
Mem        The Hanged man                Water



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