Yule Tarot Blog Hop

wise_men_from_the_east_by_douglasramsey-d4hkdzoNow is the time for Winter celebration, you may call it Yule, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice or Christmas or some other name, but for all of us, we are greeting the dawning of a new cycle, we are welcoming the light. For this hop, we are creating a Winter Gift for our readers, a perfect gift of us, to the rest of our Tarot community, so gather round for this Winter Tarot Blog Hop, as we do our own version of a virtual Mid Winters Party. You can navigate around the hop by following the links here, and at the end of my post…


At this time of year, when the darkness creeps into every aspect of the day, and nibbles away at the precious hours of light until very little is left to brighten our hours, it is a time of introspection, a time of returning to our source.
The theme of duality is prevalent in my mind today, as I sit writing on a lonely winter’s morning with the sound of the wind howling in the darkness and the driving rain beating on the windows. The storms that reside deep within us seem to call louder at this time of year, when poignant memories of times past echo through the empty spaces that remain to us, and so it is even more important for us now to reach out into our communities to cast a lamp of love into the hearts of others… to bring a light of friendship and community to those that need it.

Gift Number 1 :  Joanna’s 7 Card Guiding Star Spread

Inspired by my recent studies in the applications of Alchemy and Sacred Geometry in the Thoth Tarot, I have designed a 7 card spread to be used in challenging times. The applications are various, but its main aim is to be used as a focus, when emerging from a difficult and drawn out situation that has finally ended. It is a six card spread with a “helper” card, which could be interpreted as 2 groups of 3 cards, representing two interlocking triangles, the “Star of David” a symbol which among other things can represent the union of opposites. The top point of the triangle symbolizes fire and the downward pointing triangle symbolizes water. Alchemists believed that if two opposing forces were joined, transmutation occurs in which “common metal” is transformed into gold. This is analogous with the combination of opposites thus enhancing the path of enlightenment. The 7th Card is the “Guiding Star”.

The positions are as follows

1. Gold I Bring? Positive skills that I bring from the situation that will help me to move forward.
2. Strengths I Bring? Difficulties that I have endured that have strengthened me and that will help me to move forward.
3. What Challenges Me Still? The ongoing challenges of the new situation
4. My Spiritual Guidance?
5. My Material Guidance?
6. My Emotional Guidance?
7. My Guiding Star? What draws me onward

To lighten up the proceedings afterwards…. I have also prepared desert…. my 2nd gift to you…..and have composed a little ditty here for you, the 12 days of Tarotmas!!




On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my Karma Brought to Me

12 Men a Hanging


11 Lions a Roaring


10 Wheels a Turning, 


9 Hermits Walking,


8 Scales a Weighing,


7 Chariots Winning,


6 Lovers Laying


5 Hierophants…….


4 Aries Men,


3 Fresh Mums,


2 Holy Girls


And a Magus Who Runs the Whole Damn Show!!!!



None of us know what the future will bring for certain, although we of the kay nielsen_norwegian tales_east of the sun and west of the moon01Tarot fraternity do our best to be guided by the wisdom that we find in the cards, and to use our knowledge to help others find their way too. I will be continuing on next year in my own exploration of the inner worlds in Thoth Journey, and look forward to you joining me from time to time, as I walk in the distant places that I have come to know and love.

I hope that you have enjoyed my post, I have certainly enjoyed writing it….. and as the day has finally dawned, on this, the shortest day of 2015….. I step forward with all of you….. into the Light……

a blessed Solstice to you…..

my friends….


JoannaKate December 2015



13 thoughts on “Yule Tarot Blog Hop

  1. Thank you so much for your gifts, Joanna – a wonderful spread to try out, and I love the Thoth 12 Days of…. one of my favourite decks. Solstice blessings and a happy Christmas to you!


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