The Daily Thoth:January 23rd 2017

Themes carry on from last week, with the processing of emotions that need to break down in order to make room for a new flowering, for something precious is making its way into your life, something rare and beautiful that is developing quietly in the background. This delicate plant requires security and safety in order for it to eventually blossom, so you have the opportunity today to recognize the work that must be done before this is able to happen. You are called upon to clear way the mental distractions, the old habit patterns and trains of thought, that keep you from deeply fulfilling and authentic relationships. You have the chance now to move away from the surface satisfactions that have tempted and placated your appetites for too long, for there is a sense that your palette is now jaded, and that you seek a deeper and more authentic relationship that feeds your mind your body and your soul. On some level you are being challenged to transform your desire nature and that the mere fulfillment of your needs and fantasies only enslaves you in their glamour. Cut through the visions that seduce you and discover the truths that lie at their core. Discover your authenticity and power in the tender shoots that are springing in the darkness and nurture the goodness that exists there. Releasing what you no longer possess can bring you returns far greater than your original desires. It may be prudent to remember that “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”.

The 3 of Cups, The Princess of Swords, The 7 of Cups.

If you would like your own personal reading with the Thoth Tarot, you can find details on my website (link above), or contact me through messenger.
Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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