The Daily Thoth:January 25th 2017


Today, the release that you may have been waiting for begins, and in some manner, you can feel the cracking of the emotional structures that have been holding back the flood waters. Feelings of deep loss, pain, regret, love, happiness or grief may surface, as there is a sense that you may be allowing yourself to feel some of these things for the first time in many years. On a personal emotional level, you may well be at the end of a cycle of relating, and are being called now to tear out the relationship structures that have served you in the past, and to lay yourself open to a new way of being. This is not an easy task, and like the pulling of a rotten tooth, much pain may have to be endured before true healing can occur. Know though, that you can break the cycle now if you should so wish, and allow the tears to flow, if that is what needs to happen. In this way you are building a greater awareness of your own emotional truths, that serve you, rather than the outdated models that you may have inherited, or developed over the years. This whole process brings you closer to the source of your own self-love, and also alerts you to the fact that love is waiting for you in the world. Although today may be difficult, know that there is peace after the storm, and that new love will grow in sunshine and warmth.

The 10 of Cups, The Tower, The 2 of Cups.

If you would like your own personal reading with the Thoth Tarot, you can find details on my website (link above), or contact me through messenger.

Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

2 thoughts on “The Daily Thoth:January 25th 2017

  1. I’ve been holding back tears all day, getting triggered by songs, thoughts, random things… So this helps me see where and why these feelings of grief are happening. Thank you.


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