The Daily Thoth: Monday January 30th 2017

A very different energy emerges from the cards today, and after the false starts and dissonance of the last few weeks, on some level you are able to gain a sense of calm and the awareness that you now know in which direction to go. A new vision is opening up to inspire you, and you can see the flow now, feeling reassured that you are on the right path again. A strong desire to connect with others on a deep and feeling level, inspires this new vision, and the theme of “family” is likely to be strong this week. Whether it is your actual blood family or your spiritual family is unimportant, the desire to unite with likeminded individuals who represent your true emotional family is what inspires you. You are reminded however that this is not a time of harvest, as in some way you are still in the process of being tested as to the strength of the unconditional love that you bear. Your current experiences are refining you, and making you aware that the process of divine law is not the same as the laws of man. The beauty of the harvest that is being prepared for you is directly dependant on the preparation that precedes it, and to this end you are reminded to follow your intuition every step of the way. These things cannot be hurried, no matter how much you desire them. Maintain your balance and know that this is a time of profound change, and must be accepted. You have all the skills necessary to achieve your ends, but this time is a time of waiting, of pruning back what is unnecessary, so that eventually you can reveal the true essence that you are searching for.

The Knight of Cups, The 8 of Disks, The Priestess.

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Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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