The Daily Thoth: Tuesday January 31st 2017

You are reminded that any communication difficulties, imbalances and infighting can only be accentuated by erring from your true goals, and that in order to take your place firmly in your life, you must adhere to the principles that lie at your core. Remember the best in you, the ideals, the dreams of your inner child, and know that this is still you, that this person is still here. You are being challenged to strip away all that is no longer needed, to allow this essence to be revealed, and although your situation may be in a state of flux and em-battlement, this is a necessary upheaval that will allow the change that is required in your circumstances to work its magic. Your life is fertile at the moment, and new seeds need good soil to bed down in. Your environment at the moment may not be ideal for this to happen just now, hence changes need to occur. Be mindful that all this is happening for a reason, as above so below, and that at all times, whatever else is happening around you, the only voice worth listening to is the voice of your own heart.

The 3 of Wands, The Princess of Swords, The 2 of Disks.

If you would like your own personal reading with the Thoth Tarot, you can find details on my website (link above), or contact me through messenger.

Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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