The Daily Thoth: Wednesday February 1st 2017

The theme of fiery inspiration increases today, confirming yesterdays message of returning back to your core values, and the essence of who you really are. Even though you may feel that you are in an incredibly difficult place right now, you may become increasingly aware of the possibility that much of this may be of your own making, and that your own thoughts of defeat and oppression, are in actual fact, not coming at you from the outside, but rather perhaps from the fears in your own mind. The cards today reassure you that through remembering your true path, the inspiration and the passionate dreams that lie within you, you can see yourself free of this difficult time. Today you remember times past when you have weathered situations that were extremely difficult, and remember too, what you have endured. You are also reminded of how much these experiences have strengthened you, and bonded you ever more strongly to the heart of you, helping you to grow ever more resilient and flexible. The deeply transforming events of the past urge you today to remember who you are, of the need to open your arms once more to welcome your life, to remind you that the world still needs your enthusiasm, creativity, joy and passion, and through expressing these aspects of yourself, you become more firmly rooted in a sense of your own power.  Take charge of situations today, it is a good day to take a defining step towards your future, to follow your passion, and step into your own power.

The Queen of Wands, The Prince of Wands, The 4 of Disks.

If you would like your own personal reading with the Thoth Tarot, you can find details on my website (link above), or contact me through messenger.

Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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