The Daily Thoth: Thursday February 2nd 2017

The emotional roller coaster that many of you have been experiencing over the last few months, exacerbated by intense mental activity, is moving more and more out of focus now. Although you may feel quite battered and defeated inside, due to recent events, the situation today promises to bring matters to some sort of conclusion. In some way there should be some clarification or consolidation that helps you to “join all the dots” and helps you to gain clarity over what has happened, to put these events behind you, to get back into your stride. Events this morning may clarify this. In the cards, the desire for re-connection that started at the end of last week emerges again, and today the call is louder. The importance of core values, which has been prevalent all week, remains today, with the request from your heart for you to be true to the essence of what you desire, to uphold that which you see is right and true. Ever more you are challenged to reveal layer upon layer of your true self, in order that you can finally embrace the authenticity you need in order to find the emotional connections that you value. This is not an easy task, as in doing so we risk our vulnerability. This is a process and although results cannot be seen right now, and it may seem as if all is in vain, rest assured that the harvest will come. You are being tested every step of the way, but in due course you will find the place in which you wish to be welcomed.

The Knight of Cups, The 6 of Wands, The 6 of Cups.

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Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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