The Daily Thoth: Monday February 6th 2017

Rather stormy cards today, matching the stormy weather that is raging outside my door today!! In some situation then, you may well be feeling that you are bound and tied against your will, and that no matter how hard you try, you cannot break free from this. The turmoil in your mind could be due to the knowledge that on some level you have helped to create this, but cannot as yet understand why. The advice here is to just sit with this, for no answer will be had from struggling, for the harder you kick, the more difficult the situation becomes. Relax into this, with the knowledge that beautiful things are growing where you cannot see them, but that they need defending. In some manner, events around you at the moment are challenging you to look within, to see what is truly important for you, and to defend that. Your qualities of loyalty honour, bravery and courage are being called up, to defend what you hold dear against all odds. There will be no fight as such, for this is a time of withdrawal, where you must face your deepest fears, but know that light does go with you, and you will discover the solution completely by chance, if you step back and let things develop by themselves. In any communications, remember to be gentle, there is nothing to be gained through saying things that you may later regret, friendship wins in the end.

The Eight of Swords, The 3 of Cups, The 7 of Wands.

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