The Knight of Wands

Thoth Knight of Wands
The Knight of Wands

The last of the Tarot Court has arrived, from where he has been waiting, a soldier of fire, a pursuivant of intuition and spirit, in all his golden glory. Waiting is perhaps the wrong word, he has not been waiting, it is I who have tarried, holding back from taking him, taking on his searing flaming cloak and the incandescent torch that he bears. But today the fierce and holy light of  The Knight of Wands issues his call from the deck, and finally, he will be heard, and I take the image from the rest of the cards, and set it upon the low table at my window, in the early dawn light, and I consider the options before me. The potentials of creative vision leap before me, turning this way and that in the space between me and the card, and I consider his fiery cloak and his burning vision, and I recognize the heat of his passion and the intensity of his desire, I recognize it as my own, as all the cards have been, all facets in the ever changing colours in my brave and humble human heart.

I rise from the old elm chair, the chair of my ancestors, and I take the stairs again, my bare feet, adhering slightly to the polished wood beneath them, as they feel the grain of the trees that remember lost worlds of other realms. I walk in anticipation today, a longing for creative passion to sweep me from my feet, and to carry me into a new dimension of reality, a place of forgotten dreams, potentials that I have not thought of, a connection with the divine to fill my world and burst through my eyes into a fresh reality, a new path and a different vision. I stand upon the landing, and pause for a second, and then open the heavy door, and pass through the burning crimson and golden portal of The Knight of Wands.

I walk into a desert landscape that is filled almost to capacity with an enormous pyramid, its smooth and sloping sides a testimony to the skill of an army of masons, long dead and the memory of a King who has passed into history… The edges of the pyramid nearly reach the edges of my vision, which for some reason has assumed a strange plasticity, and will not give any further, will not stretch to carry more than this static vision of the end of times.

I stand in this place of mortuary and obsolescence, this vehicle for life after death and wonder if anything else can exist in this place, for there is very little room for anything other than what it is that I can see, this pyramid, this tomb of an unknown quantity, this shell of mystery and ancient magic. I walk around the base of the pyramid, exploring what little lies there in the dust and sand of the desert, until finally, on the western side, I find something.

Rolling around in the warm sand, sandwiched between the sides of the pyramid and the plasticity of the edge of my vision, roll three winged lion cubs. They are very young, but their eyes are open, and they gambol and fight playfully in the little room that is there for them. I see that they are very cramped though, and wonder how they will be able to grow if they do not have more space in which to run around, in a land that is so full of this ancient monument.

I manage eventually to get past the pyramid, squeezing between the smooth limestone walls and the strange flexible but impenetrable boundary that seems to limit my vision today. I eventually push my sight far enough though, to see in the middle distance, a man seated upon a brown horse, who appears to be waiting for me. I walk towards the waiting figure, but I feel strangely afraid, I am not sure that I trust him, the image flickers like a mirage in a desert, and I sense an intense feeling of risk rising within me. I look back at the pyramid, and its over arching presence in this place, and I look back towards the flickering image of the man on the horse, and I know that I have to make a choice between life and death, I must go with this man, I cannot return to the pyramid.

I start to sense a strange feeling in my arms and legs, and look down to see that they seem to be changing colour, taking on some kind of greenish golden hue, and becoming scaly. As I study them, I see that I am developing a soft and subtle coat of chain mail all over my body, and I sense that this will provide me with the protection that I need. This is the protection of the snake, I am developing the scales of transformation and with that protection in place, I will be able to move forward onto the next stage of my journey.

I feel secure enough now to approach the waiting warrior of my visions, and let him help me up to sit behind him, and he turns the horse abruptly, before I have even had a chance to say anything, and heads into the depths of the desert. The force of his vision pierces my limitations and breaks through the edges of where I could see no further, opening up a vast landscape that lies beyond the caul in which I was trapped. I see a world of extraordinary colour that runs as far as my eyes can see, a space so vast that I cannot encompass it within the limitations of my small imagination. My heart sings with the joy of what I see and opens to receive the rider sitting in front of me, and I take his strength and his inspiration into me, grasping the reins with strength and determination and pull the horse to a sudden halt, turning it around, and heading back at an even faster pace, for the pyramid, which I can still see in the far distance, for there is something that I must now do.

I ride around the edge of the pyramid, looking for the cubs, but when I find them, I see that they are not alone. Malachi has come, and he is waiting with them, all of them sitting in the sand, expectantly, as if they knew that I was coming back. I ask him what he is doing with the cubs, and he tells me that he was looking after them until I returned. He says that they might have wandered off and got lost, and that he knew that I would come back for them. He hands them up to me, and I place them in front of me on the warm brown neck of the horse, and look down at Malachi, standing there with that ghost of a smile that is often on his face, and wonder if this will be the last time that I see him. His warm eyes give nothing away as usual, but he nods almost imperceptibly, and I know that I must go.

I head the horse into the north, and I ride for a long time, until the landscape starts to change. Eventually I see that I am moving out of the desert landscape, and that there are small trees starting to appear, and then clumps of tufted grass and thorn bushes. Gradually hour after hour, the landscape becomes greener and greener, until eventually we come to a stand at the bend of a large river. A shallow expanse of water bubbles happily across the stones in a mountain valley. The floor is green and the sun is warm. Trees bearing fruit cluster at the foot of the mountains that reach into the valley floor, and it seems that I have found a veritable garden of Eden. I climb down from the horse and lift the cubs after me. I know that they will grow here, in safety and peace, and that it will not be long now before they take flight. I watch them as they start to explore their new home, splashing in the water and playing hide and seek in the bushes around the river bank.

And then it comes, the clarion call, and I see the flaming portal of The Knight of Wands open up to the east, and I walk towards it, leaving my dreams behind me, safe in the knowledge that I have saved them from the land of death.

The Knight of Wands
Twenty degrees of Scorpio to 20 degrees of Sagittarius
7 of Cups, 8 of Wands, 9 of Wands
The Lord of The Flame & The Lightening
The King of the Spirits of Fire
The King of the Salamanders

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the Head Shot Fadebeautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. I can often be found at home, deep in arcane research, or practicing some new form of divination whilst burning the dinner! My children probably wish that I was “normal” but may well remember my eccentricities fondly when they come to face the challenges of their own paths. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice, in offering guidance, empowerment and healing, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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