The Six of Wands

I journey with trepidation today, for what is “Victory”? to what jubilation or triumphant celebration will I arrive, what adulation awaits for me, what honor will I receive in the land beyond the door, the land of my visions and my dreams. And so I sit today in the Hallway of Beginnings, and allow the rich and royal colors of the card to rest about me. I allow the symbols and the words to clothe my skin in their wisdom and to open myself to the power that floods down on me from above, from beyond and from within my searching heart.

So today I am a queen, a divine column of golden light and unending brilliance, with my roots in the earth beneath me and my hands reaching into galaxies of golden stars. Creativity is mine, and I weave a web of spiraling light into the fabric of the universe, as I walk among the dreams of the gods, a wandering priestess of the heavens am I, and I feel the flow of the universe ebb and surge through my veins, the floods and pulses of light pouring through my veins like rivers of gold. Queen for a day, for a minute, for a second, I am adorned with gilded wings and drift upon the waves of the universe that billow, and eddy into sempiternity.

I withdraw from my reverie, and gather my thoughts around me, this cloak of violet and glowing gold, and I walk the magical stairway once again, treading gently upon the satin softness of the wooden stairs to walk again between the images of the other place, the place of creation, the place of my dreams.

Softly, I open the door, and pass through the royal glowing colours of The Six of Wands, the lustrous sheen and opulence of victory, into a land that is rich with abundance, achievement and growth. I survey the place to which I have come, and feast my eyes upon a land that is fecund and rich with the product of labour. Ploughed fields curve away from me, endowing their ripe fullness on the landscape, embracing the hills beneath them, clothing them in abundance and wealth. Crops of all types are wreathed around the contours of the earth beneath them, proclaiming their gratitude for the work that has been applied, for the toil of the week’s months and years that have gone into the preparation of them. Weeks and months and years when this vision was not one that was beheld in the physical realm, but only carried as a hope of success, like the one that I see now, an auger of achievement and prosperity, of success and of victory, a torch of creation, carried through the darkness of disbelief.

The air is bathed with a cloak of golden light, the colours rich and timelessly perfect, adding a romance and verve that entices me further into the sedate and poised beauty of the landscape, and I walk on into the vision, seeing before me a beautiful Iris of a vivid violet hue, flowering in the earth ahead of me. The colour is intense and captivating, and I marvel at the contrast between the verdant velvet softness and the rich golden call of the open throat, that draws me into the depths of the flower. I sink into the soft mouth of the open bloom and see myself, a vision within a vision within a dream, walking in fields of watered golden light with armfuls of irises, which have been bestowed upon me by the gods. Iris, goddess of the rainbow, the auspice of divinity, the connection between heaven and earth, the bridge of divinity, the path of light; I walk with my armful of purple and eventually come upon a clearing in the forest, where there stands a large bed.

I lay my flowers around the edges of the bed, and lay upon it, my body surrounded by the royal flowers, and as I relax, I feel a connection flooding through me, warming my heart, like a presence entering me. I feel warm and loved, and I feel whole, with a sense that this feeling is coming from outside of myself, but also that it is coming from deep inside, and that these two energies are connecting in a burst of light in my heart that explodes into a flood of golden light that encases me and holds me in warmth and harmony.

Deep in the heart of my vision, I see my friend Malachi, and he is pointing to four figures standing about me, and I see that they are the four tarot princes. Each of them appears to be standing sentinel, holding their sixes before them, their power and their shield, their weapon and their blessing of power, the strength of their domain. Proud they stand, strong in their awareness that the knowledge contained within the six allows them to gain the understanding necessary for them to become the person they are striving to be. I see myself as each prince in turn, and form a growing awareness of how the energy of the six is vital to developing the understanding of my path. I look to the Prince of Disks, and realize that he has not achieved the full knowledge of the six as yet, and deep within my journey, I understand that I have as yet omitted to travel into the Six of Disks….. and know that this is the next journey that I must attain.

I see the importance of knowing ones heart in its entirety before the right path can be found, and to know oneself fully before one can gain the potentials and possibilities in all their endless permutations, the blessings that are for us. Malachi tells me that I must remember to operate from my heart, to detach from the past and also the future, to hold myself in this moment of perfection so that I can find in my heart the point of power, the center, to be whole, complete and yet also open, to welcome the glory that is there.

I let the vision go, and find myself standing again, looking out over the fertile fields of this gorgeous demesne. Malachi has gone, and I hear the clarion call, so I turn back once again, to step through the shimmering colors of the portal, the banner of The Six of Wands, home to The Hallway of Beginnings.

The Six of Wands
Jupiter in Leo
Ten to twenty degrees of Leo
The Lord of Victory

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the Head Shot Fadebeautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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