There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”    
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Saturn, the master of time, serves as the boundary of the visible universe, we can see no further than this beautifully ringed planet with the naked eye, and until the discovery of telescopes, most people thought that beyond Saturn, there was nothing, only the fixed stars.

julio-verne-supercurioso-1_660x330In this role, Saturn has long been associated with, among other things, limitation, boundaries, walls and death, and as such gets rather a bad rap. In true human style, many of us generally don’t care for limitation and structure, and in fact many of us, even if we are astrologically minded, know absolutely nothing about Saturn until the age of around 30. Until then, we happily gambol like innocent lambs, lapping up the carefree luxuries of Mercury, Venus & Mars in the hedonistic freedom of our late teens and twenties.

Saturn takes approximately twenty eight to thirty years to make a complete revolution of the zodiac, and consequently our charts, and it is then, that we reach a point in our life when the party seems to end, and we wake up one morning with a rather sore head and wonder where everyone has gone; If you are around the age of 29, it is likely that you have now entered the realm of The Saturn Return.

maxresdefault (1)Muttered over by the young, and laughed about fondly by the old, The Saturn Return, along with the Mid Life, have become mainstream acknowledgements of the effect of the planets on our lives, and as such, astrology can teach us a great deal about these difficult, challenging but also very exciting times. They are ripe with potential, alive with the raw stuff of life, and as such allow us a glimpse into the alchemical process, a chance to dabble in the crucible, and attempt the work of the gods.

Since the middle of September 2015, Saturn has been in Sagittarius, and will not make his exit into Capricorn until just before Christmas of this year. Perhaps it is because Saturn’s fixed and certain nature collides painfully with the Sagittarian need for flexibility and freedom, but this voyage of Saturn through mutable fire, seems to have10bows-ww-crop been a particularly arduous and painful process.

Sagittarius is a centaur, and he aims high, but part of his lesson is the pain of accepting that he is forever to remain with his physical body on earth, no matter how far he may travel in his mind. Accepting human limitations can be difficult for this sign, and those who are born with Saturn in Sagittarius can have a tendency to be blinkered with their own high mindedness, unwilling or even unable to explore alternatives, and burdened by the weight of their aspirations. Many of us are familiar with the Tarot card The Ten of Wands, which often shows someone weighed down with their load, which could be made far more manageable if only it was rearranged, and perhaps dealt with in a different way.

If you are of the age where you are now experiencing your Saturn Return, you are born with Saturn in Sagittarius, and your own personal brand of “The Call to Adventure” as I like to call this phase, is therefore Sagittarian in nature. The Call to Adventure, requires the emergence of a Hero, in true mythical style, and with Saturn in Sagittarius, you are one of The Hopeful Hero’s, someone who is not as adverse to change as someone with Saturn in some other signs, but someone who can also succumb to becoming rather confused and even distracted when the demands of Saturn come into view.

elder-scrolls-onlineFor the Hero with Saturn in Sagittarius, the call to adventure often comes in the form of restriction and responsibility. With a naturally roving and exploratory nature, you may think that your Hero is perfectly suited for the beckoning finger of fate, to set out again for new territory, but what you may not realize is that for Saturn in Sagittarius, this “adventure” may actually come in the form of a brush with restriction, battling physical constraints that are imposed on life, and finding yourself rebelling against life, as, like a strict parent, circumstances that have allowed freedom and expansion so far, start to limit, and inhibit, as Saturn demands that notice be taken, that sense is made and knowledge gained out of all the information and experience that has been so unashamedly consumed since the teenage years.

“The Crucible of Transformation: The Saturn Return”

Is the next Online Astrology Experience from The Court Astrologer. 

  • Within this group, you will learn about your own Natal Saturn, its placement in Sagittarius, its house position in your chart, and the aspects it makes with other points in the horoscope.
  • You will learn about the meaning of the Astrological Saturn and his role as the boundary marker of the life phases.
  • You will learn about the connection between Saturn and The Hero’s journey, and how the cycles of this social planet define who your own hero is, and what kind of journey you are on, helping you to identify where in the Hero’s round you actually are at the present time.

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Places will be limited, so successful applicants will meet the following criteria.

  • You will have at least a basic knowledge of what an astrology chart is, and what most of the symbols mean, this course will not be teaching the absolute basics.
  • You will have natal Saturn in Sagittarius and will be experiencing your first Saturn Return.
  • You will be prepared to work in a small group online environment, and to share at least some of your work with the group.
  • Registration will open on the 25th of August. The eight week course will start around mid September.
  • You will know your date, place and time of birth.

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