The Six of Disks

How could I have forgotten?

Deep within the other worlds it came to me….in the vision of The Six of Wands, I saw the Four Princes, and I saw that the Prince of Disks was lacking his Six. How could I have forgotten, how could I have missed the call to travel into this heart of earth, to quarry the understanding I needed, from the smooth and beautiful hand hewn disks that stack so seamlessly into the holy harmony of this card.

And so, in the hallway of beginnings, I sit with the last three cards before me. The Six of Disks, The Nine of Disks, and The Ten of Disks; Success, Gain & Wealth. Such physical cards, such expectant words, pregnant with promise, lush with desire and tainted with greed. What will I find within these places, these realms of manifestation, as I draw ever closer to earth, travelling the center of the tree, invoking the angel of Temperance, to finally walk beyond the hallway of beginnings and to step into the sunlight dappled garden and to cool my naked feet in the dew drenched grass of the orchard.

I pause before the doorway, so close, so far, and it seems to me momentarily that although I am nearing the end of this journey, that I may, in reality, have only just begun. Circles within circles, a spiral of life, we are ever searching, ever reaching, moving through ourselves, through our bodies, through our lives, through our world, and through the universe, time but a mirage of convenience. I stand with this thought in front of the doorway, and I open the portal, and with a stifled prayer in my mouth, I step through the slate blue sheen of The Six of Disks into the ancient summer lands of Wessex.

I stand in a sloping stubble field that stretches away into the heat of the early afternoon, a time lapse filled with the sacred heat of lovers, of peerless blue skies and the poetry of white clouds writ upon them.  The dusty ground is warm, opening her-self to the sun, now the burden of her crop is gone. She lies; open thighed soaking up the heat, relaxed and sultry, slow, languorous, full of love, of life; basking in her wanton royalty.

I walk across the field, as if in a dream, and the path that I thought to take has disappeared into the harvested rows of corn stalks. I am enchanted by the density of the air, and tempted by the luscious berries that gleam like jewels from the hedgerows. I remember vague instructions about never eating food in the underworld, and I think that there could be many worse places to be stuck, than here, here in this beautiful afternoon. My face becomes smeared with purple juice as I savoir the temptations that array themselves before me, and I feel like a child again, peering through the hedgerows, trying to seek my way in an enchanted land, in the heat of this idyllic afternoon.

I feel that I need to be able to see further though, so I strike out towards the top of the field, and I head towards the ridge that reaches for the open sky. The view from the top lies down for all to see, stretching away into the far distance, and I look down onto a large stone star shaped platform that is rising out of the valley below me. Hewn from sandstone and slate, the subtle silvery greys and gold’s of the stone harmonize into a rhythmic pattern of elegance and tone. The edifice is huge, many hundreds of feet across, and it is not empty. Figures work studiously at each of the points, and I see that they are planetary deities, going about their work. I see too that on the ground, there are animals, one belonging to each planet, and that they are strange looking beasts of a mythical nature. I see a green dragon with beautiful shining green scales with its tail coiled around its back, and flames issuing from its mouth. It seems to be quite young, and it looks as if it is playing with its tail, while the deity continues on with its work. There is a Salamander too, lying stretched out in the sun, warming its green skin in the magnificence of this day.

I look at the working figures of the planets, and I see that there are rays of golden light emanating from where they are working, and that all the lines of light meet together in the middle, weaving around each other and forming beautiful and continuously changing patterns. Pulses of light travel with rhythmic perfection, as regular as a heartbeat, and it seems as if this magical apparatus is a reflection of the heart of the universe made manifest.

I walk along the edge of the hill gazing down into the valley below, and I wonder idly if there is buried treasure here beneath my feet, left by some ancient Saxon king fleeing from the Viking hordes. I fantasise about what I could do with all that gold, if only it was mine, you know, in real life…. out in the ‘real’ world of shops and work, and cooking…….

And then I see it…. what I am looking for, this buried treasure, this “success” is right here. It is not buried beneath my feet in some idle fantasy, it is right here, I can see it, the beating heart of the universe, the heat and the fecundity all around me, the precious gold of this timeless and perfect afternoon, as I watch my life lying on her back, gazing at the perfect blue sky, as skylarks sing in the arch of heaven and she stretches her fingers into forever.

I look back to the huge stone mandala in the valley, the work that is involved, the perfection and unity that arises from this place, the patterns of power. Neither one would be effective it seems, on their own, but together, they are one. I breathe in the rhythm, the sense of power, the awareness of the different energies required, and the balance that is needed, to achieve success, to weave the pattern of manifestation for my dreams. I know too, that it is not enough to “do” these things, that I must “feel” them too, for otherwise the balance will not be right. This is what the individual animals are for, they represent the instinctual feelings, those parts of us that operate outside of our ego jurisdiction. I look again at the green dragon that is rolling around on the floor beside Saturn’s careful administrations, and realize that he must do his work with the consideration of what lies in his heart, for otherwise his actions will never amount to anything, all his efforts will be futile. I see that it is the same for all the other energies that are working within the star, that to work without awareness of what lies in the heart, is not to work, it is to be bound and enslaved.

With the peace of this sun-blessed field, bringing drowsiness to my eyes, I see the glyph of the Six of Disks arise in the light before me. The sun has dropped slightly, and there is a long walk home, but I know too that this place, this home, this perfection is within me, that it is carried always in my heart.

The Six of Disks
Moon in Taurus
10 to 20 degrees of Taurus
The Lord of Material Success

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the Head Shot Fadebeautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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Images reproduced with the kind permission of U.S.Games.

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