The Daily Oracle: Tuesday September 5th

You become more aware today, of something new beginning to grow, something quietly taking root in the darkness. In a way, you may be afraid to look at it, or to think about it, because of the perceived destruction that this new turn of events may cause. Your growing connection with your inner sense of what is right for you, is asking you to change, or to make decisions which you may not be comfortable making. Although you need this new emerging sense of creativity and power in your life, you may also be afraid of the changes that will have to be made for you embrace what is happening. In regards to some matter, a decision needs to be made, and you are aware of this, and may also need to become aware that structures that you have depended on in the past, need to be broken, for they are limiting in ways that are obstructing your further growth. Allow your decisions to be made cleanly, and with accuracy, and with the full commitment to your own progress. In this way, you limit the damage, and can move ahead more securely, knowing that you have made a clean break.

The Princess of Disks, The Ace of Swords, The Tower.      

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the Head Shot Fadebeautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. I can often be found at home, deep in arcane research, or practicing some new form of divination whilst burning the dinner! My children wish I was “normal” but will be delighted in the end, that I’m not. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice, in offering guidance, empowerment and healing, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here. 

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Thoth card images are reproduced with the kind permission of U.S.Games

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