The Flowering Portal

This is a lead to another of my websites, where you will find a variety of writing, some tarot related, and some not.

For a riotous but truthful look at the first half of The Major Arcana in terms of midlife, come with me on my tragi-comic journey through the first 12 cards of the Major Arcana…. A story related from my own personal experience as I reminisce about the lows and indeed the highs of the last ten years of my life. This all important phase was vital in my quest for wholeness, as I was challenged by the desire to grasp “the un-lived life” to manifest those visions that were still eluding me; and once again, I asked myself

” .. do I dare to dream?”

Number 1: The Fool

Number 2: The Magician

Number 3: The Priestess

Number 4: The Empress

Number 5 The Emperor

Number 6 The Hierophant

Number 7: The Lovers

Number 8: The Chariot

Number 9: Adjustment

Number 10: The Hermit

Number 11: Fortune

Number 12: Lust