Thoth Journey – The Oracle of Change

Life is Like the Moon : Now full, Now Dark. 


Coming soon……………With its roots deep in the wisdom of The Thoth Tarot, and its branches woven from the intuition of two artists, the 79 card Oracle Deck “The Oracle of Change” is a creative alliance between writer Joanna Grant, and the artist Aia Leu. Arising out of Joanna’s intuitive shamanic style exploration of The Thoth Tarot, Aia paints her personal interpretation of what is depicted within each journey. This project is a collaboration between writer and artist, between friends, and between mothers, but most of all, between two women who have come to understand in a most profound way, the inevitability, the importance, and the power of change. The result is an oracle deck lovingly crafted from the inspiration of two people who wish to share their gift of wisdom with the world.



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