Going For Gold

We are delighted that “Thoth Journey-The Oracle of Change” has been nominated for no less than SIX categories, for the upcoming International Carta Awards for the year 2020. Five years in the making, this collection of wholly original work was developed from a meticulous intuitive exploration of the 78 cards of the Crowley/Harris Thoth Tarot. […]

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Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse-May 26th “Divine Inspiration”

This Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, belonging to an eclipse series which has an association with sudden flashes of inspiration, prophetic dreams, visions and prophecy. Giving clear insight and direction to the native, this eclipse offers the opportunity to illuminate the potential for finding a balance of power, either in relationships, external situations, or within. You may well discover that being on the same page as yourself, funny as it may sound, will actually help to resolve any difficulties in your relationships with others, whilst assisting you in making the choices which you are currently facing.

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