The Daily Thoth: Wednesday February 1st 2017

The theme of fiery inspiration increases today, confirming yesterdays message of returning back to your core values, and the essence of who you really are. Even though you may feel that you are in an incredibly difficult place right now, you are may become increasingly aware of the possibility that much of this is of your own making, and that you own thoughts of defeat and oppression, are in actual fact, not coming at you from outside, but from the fears in your own mind.

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The Daily Thoth:January 25th 2017

  Today, the release that you may have been waiting for begins, and in some manner, you can feel the cracking of the emotional structures that have been holding back the flood waters. Feelings of deep loss, pain, regret, love, happiness or grief may surface, as there is a sense that you may be allowing […]

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The Daily Thoth: January 24th 2017

Tuesday January 24th 2017 After the mental processing of yesterday, today you may feel like delivering the thoughts that you arrived at, swiftly and with precision, in order that no misunderstandings occur and that clarity is achieved. In doing so, ensure that you are fully aware of all the potential that lies in your current […]

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