Primarily an Astrologer, I have been studying the heavens for 30 years, and have been interested in Tarot for as long. I offer Astrological & Tarot consultations, in person, by telephone, through video link, and also, in the case of Tarot readings, by email.

I hold the Diploma in Astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, the Advanced Diploma in Horary Astrology with the STA, and have also studied the Thoth Tarot to advanced level with Emma Sunnerton-Burl.

Tarot Guidance

Astrological Guidance

What people have said:

I just want to write you a quick note how thankful I am for all the work and effort and time you’ve put in coaching me and walking at my side through the darkest time of my life. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now – or better: I see a little light within myself, a glow of intuition. Accompanied by your guidance and wise words I ‘ve got closer to my true self and my own path than I’ve ever been before. Thank you so much from all my heart! You’ve got a special gift and I feel very lucky, that you took the time and energy to teach and lead me.

I just wanted to thank you so much for this course Joanna! I have already started to miss it; the new challenges every week, the group dynamic and especially your exceptionally beautiful and deep analysis. I find that I need some sort of peer pressure to stick to things, like an accountability partner or group, otherwise I just drown in my daily schedule with kids and household etc, and don’t take myself seriously. So reading other students’ posts have been very helpful, it’s not easy to carve out time for myself, even if I love the subject. Anja

……Overall your reading makes a lot of sense to both my immediate project and
my life as a whole. It’s helped me to see the need to focus on what I actually want, the tools I already have, as well as to recognise and appreciate the work I’ve already done. As such it is grounding well as encouraging – a great mixture of inspiration and practical advice!

…..I would say that I found the reading to be insightful, eloquent and detailed. You clearly have gift for reading the Tarot! I find it hard to be objective in reading for myself, so your reading is particularly gratefully received……

  “….I’m still unearthing fragments of inner treasure from the rubble of the Tower-like blast of Joanna’s astrological expertise. Joanna is a wonderful teacher who encourages an analytical, intuitive, and compassionate approach towards identifying the unique structure of one’s own planetary makeup.” Danika

  Joanna’s course has been a catalyst for me. I wasn’t an astrology hater but I was unable to dig into it because it all seemed too difficult, too complex and too big. The way Joanna managed the course, the lessons and the explanation was so well done that she was able to make us digest a tough cookie such as astrology, and not only this but to convert me into some kind of “Astroholic” ! Ivana

  “This journey has taught me so much, from seeing parts of myself that I had never given attention to, to seeing the repetitive patterns trumpeting my soul’s path in this life, it has been revelatory ! Also of huge value to me was hearing from others that shared planets, in signs or houses, how we had common experiences – it validated Astrology, and gave a level of acceptance on stuggles/shadow elements that we rarely ever acknowledge out loud.”  Penny

  “A small closed group and Joanna’s impeccable ethical values helped us to feel at ease and open up to really unlock a deeper understanding of our own charts. I can only encourage the future batch of Astrology/Tarot students to enrol for the next one! A strong foundation to move forward!” Jean

This is exactly what I’m going through and your reading just confirmed what I had in mind, so yes, it was very helpful indeed. Thank you so much for this reading!

Thank you for your wonderful reading!  You are right!  I think I am almost over this.  The magic moment occurred yesterday.  I am now 80% over him.  I am glad.  I was buried in tears, fear, and self-blame/torture for a whole month.  I could not let go.  Now, I feel light, and relieved.   I was indeed the one who provide care and many more things in this relationship.  I was happy with him so I did not mind providing these.  But him, he does not deserve me.  He can commit whenever he feels like but most likely it would not be me.  And I don’t care anymore.  My life purpose is not to get him to commit. I will move on slowly. I will heal.  Time will help me.

Thank you very much for your reading – I very much appreciated your thorough and perceptive interpretation! For better or worse, I tend to see most things in my life as part of an inner journey, so even though I had in mind a new venture into freelance illustration when asking my questions, my real interest and how I interpret the answers is always by default about how it relates to my ‘spiritual journey’. Overall your reading makes a lot of sense to both my immediate project and my life as a whole. It’s helped me to see the need to focus on what I actually want, the tools I already have, as well as to recognize  and  appreciate the work I’ve already done. As such it is grounding as well as encouraging – a great mixture of inspiration and practical advice!

I decided to chose a 5 card reading with Astrology Transits from Joanna. I have an interest in Astrology and the Thoth system so felt it would be great to receive a reading from an individual clearly very experienced in this system. The reading was a good snap shot and overview of my thoughts and feelings and I felt the Cards accurately mirrored what is going on within my sub-consciousness, highlighting my motivations with plain truth – certainly I had a few ‘a-ha, that’s how I feel’ moments reading it. I particularly like Joanna’s direct style of interpretation, she also qualified her interpretation by relating it to her own very personal experience of my question asked – and for that I am grateful. Many thanks Joanna! and I would recommend a reading from this lady.” 

“OMG! From the serendipitous nature of being chosen for a reading exactly when I needed one to the astonishment I felt with every word of the reading, my heart is so full of gratitude I could burst. I don’t know where to start to give you specific feedback because, literally, every word described what I have already experienced in my relationship so far or what I have had glimpses of coming in the future. You gave me the validation I needed to assure me that I what I am feeling really is true. You have validated for me the possibilities of this relationship and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am now positive that these things will help me grow and be very worth it to me. I love the major personal growth that is held here. I will have the confidence I need now to continue with my move and the life changes I am facing in the near future. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The reading was so much more than I ever expected–so right on–so helpful–and so beautiful. You are marvelous and I love the way you bring Thoth to life. I know this review sounds over the top and may seem rambling but the value to me is not a bit exaggerated. I am only telling you exactly what you have done–I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“Just one more thing—I sent my partner the reading and he LOVED it! We will refer to it and use the tools you provided to help us form a good foundation to get us through the rough spots and adjustments. I feel we are on the right track now and can face whatever the future holds in the best way possible. Thank you so much…from BOTH of US–never thought I’d ever be saying anything like that. LOL   Thank you, Connie,  (I think I am complete now  LOL)

“I had a reading with Joanna using the Thoth Tarot deck.  From past experience with Thoth, I understood it as a ‘no holds barred, shoot from the hip’ kind of deck so I was a little anxious. Joanna replied within a few days with quite a comprehensive reading for only 5 cards. My question involved a decision to be made regarding a massive life change so I was interested to hear what Joanna and this deck would have to say.  I was more than happy with the encouragement I was given from the cards, and the (expected) warnings which were minor.  Two of the five cards corresponded to placements on my birth chart which served as further encouragement. I will definitely return for another reading in a few months.  Thank you Joanna 😊

“Dear Joanna, I’ve read the Reading last night in bed after the kids were asleep. And I am amazed, who detailed and well written and thoughtful and deep it is! I don’t know how to thank you for these insights. I’m just stunned, if that’s the right expression. For a deeper understanding and look about the whole complex text when I’ve got some time. Herzlichen Dank! – ( I am very sorry that my English wont be eloquent enough for a proper testimonial”

“Thank you for doing the reading. It was very insightful. Though it was not what I hoped to hear, it was what I needed to hear logically speaking. I appreciate your honest interpretation. I felt that the reading was very intuitive. A mix of an interpretation of the cards and then you adding your own insight for this context. Before he was in my life (in the romantic sense), I was very carefree in spirit. He added that sense of stability that you mentioned and when he left, it felt/feels like he took that with him. Since then, I have been hoping that he would return so that he would bring back whatever I lost when he left. I hadn’t been able to put my finger on what that was until this reading. I also had issues because for the longest time I honestly believed that he was a soulmate and the person I was going to be with. Letting go of that illusion as well as trying to figure out what I lost from him has been a long and difficult process, unfortunately. Anyways, the reason I told you this is just so that you would be able to match up the situation to your reading to see for yourself how relevant it is to me right now. I hope that it helps me find my own feet and truly accept that I don’t need someone else to bring what he did to my life in order to be happy.”

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