Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse-May 26th “Divine Inspiration”

This Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, belonging to an eclipse series which has an association with sudden flashes of inspiration, prophetic dreams, visions and prophecy. Giving clear insight and direction to the native, this eclipse offers the opportunity to illuminate the potential for finding a balance of power, either in relationships, external situations, or within. You may well discover that being on the same page as yourself, funny as it may sound, will actually help to resolve any difficulties in your relationships with others, whilst assisting you in making the choices which you are currently facing.

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Full Moon in Scorpio “Beltane Fires”

The weather has been glorious, nothing but a wonderment, truly fabulous we all say. A spell of dry weather has given a light reprieve from the sodden squelch of winter and out in the bog, the finian grass whispers of better things in the spring breeze. Hearts quicken at the sweet smell of myrtle and gorse on the mountains, and there is a relief that the Winter must surely now be ended and that the promise of warmth lies ahead.

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The Story of Fire- Part 5

Pushing through the portal, she finds herself in front of a huge gate which is flanked by the enormous winged lions of Xerxes. They stand there, massive figures of protection, staring hypnotically into the distance, gazing at spans of time that put her mortal self to shame. She is reminded of the vastness of the centuries, the paths that weave their convoluted ways through history, leading this way and that, as she busies herself with seeking secrets that she believes hold her in ignorance.

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