The Lovers

A pale dawn eases through an upstairs window high above me, a filtered fragile wash of watered silken light, settling around me like the arms of some ethereal lover… a sharp intake of breathe, I am unsure, perhaps a little excited, I am uncertain. I walk with all the serenity I can summon, wondering who I will meet in this card of duality, this place of exchanges, this joining of male and female, this Alchemical Wedding. I wait before the door, wondering how I am to enter today… as a woman, as a child, as a queen, or as a crone… do I go seeking knowledge, or serving homage, do I go for reassurance, do I go for others, or do I go for myself….. The burgeoning multitude of thoughts threatens to break the spell… so I open the door decisively, and with my very presence, pierce the veil that hangs on the threshold to The Lovers.
I walk out into a crowded street, a wide street, lined with large substantial houses, and paved with ample blue grey flagstones, the location seems to be at some point in Medieval Europe, perhaps Italy, and the sun is shining. There are crowds of people lining the streets, and for some reason, I feel like I have entered The 6 of Wands, for they are all cheering, although what at, is not made exactly clear, for I am invisible to them, a watcher on the threshold, an unseen surveyor in this happy event…..It appears to be some kind of homecoming, or perhaps it is actually a wedding, that I have stumbled upon, although I see no bride orgroom, no happy couple, and I scan the people in the crowd for clues as to where I should go to next. At the far end of the street I eventually spot who I am looking for…..a figure stands there, waiting for me, dressed in robes of lilac shadows, a capacious hood pulled slightly about the face, so I cannot at that distance, quite ascertain the features.
In the manner of journeying, quite suddenly, I am standing in front of her, bathed in her serene gaze, a woman of indeterminate age, who seems to possess the hidden wisdom of The Hermit, lying within her like a resting bear. She looks at me with a calm reassurance, and puts her hands upon my shoulders, where they stay, for a minute or two, or an hour, or more, it is difficult to tell. I stand there, beneath her meditative gaze, her gentle touch, and feel all the worry and fear, the thoughts and the troubles that plague my mind, slip silently away from me. I relax into her hands, I feel like I am melting even, as all that is around me slides also, into nothingness…the sounds the smells, the heat of the street, the touch of the ground beneath my feet…. It all goes…. even she goes… eventually… slipping away into nothing.

A room of little feature has formed around me, filling the space of softness that was left after my meeting with the lady of the lilac shadows, a place is full of silence and peace, and I feel cantered and calm, ready to engage in whatever is presented to me.
I am standing before a plain altar, one of four that seem to be arranged in the room, and I realize that I am holding a sword, and that arranged on the others, are a Wand, a Cup and a Shield. I am standing within a temple, and I am filled with a powerful sense of calm, or a calm sense of power, I can’t decide which…. and I have a strong awareness that I feel much better in this atmosphere than in the busy crowded uncertainty of the street.
I can feel the power beginning to build within the circle, and a low hum begins to emanate from the ground beneath my feet. My eyes are drawn upwards, and I see two eagles, one white and one red, locked in combat in the open skies above my head, round and round, they tumble and fall…screeching and keening, as the power within the circle rises. I work within my sacred space, following the ritual patterns that seem to come from some knowledge that has been imparted upon me through woman’s touch, and whilst the eagles continue, and I complete the final actions, there comes a sudden silence… no screaming crescendo and I look up in question. The two improbable birds have been replaced, by a single eagle, a natural, brown colored bird, that would not look out of place in any realm… and as I watch it flies triumphantly and majestically, across the darkening sky, until it disappears, out of sight.
I stand at rest, my implements lying silent, the ground quiet beneath me, and I wonder what has happened here…. what union has been achieved……
The silken image of The Lovers shimmers into being once more, and after a last look around the room, I step through, and into the welcoming embrace of the watered silken light.

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My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the Head Shot Fadebeautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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