There is sense of pause in the air today as I look around the Hallway of Beginnings. Somehow it feels as if something has changed, that the fabric of the Universe has shifted slightly, giving everything a slightly fresher edge. I am reminded of the Looking Glass world of Alice, and how the room inside the mirror was so different to the safety of her home. I cast that thought away, it will not aid me here!, and I look towards the landing, and the doors along its length.

The stairs today, seem to turn in an elegant phrase, the light of the distant windows balanced by the violet shades that embrace the corners and cornices of the Hallway of Beginnings. More chairs seem to have been added, along the wall on the other side of the staircase, and I wonder if other people will eventually join my so far solitary meanderings in to the worlds that have no end. For a second I feel that I can hear some kind of music, or not hear, but perhaps smell, can music have a smell? I can sense music in the silence, and it adds a substance to the air, gives it a form and structure that I have never noticed before….. Resonance. I cease my deductions, and walk up to the landing, my starting point, my stage entrance, the door to another place, and walk into the card that is Adjustment.
I find myself standing in a quiet and dimly lit landscape, it is dark, with only the moon and stars for light, and the silence of the place is vast. A long gracious avenue leads through the beautiful moonlit garden, a tapestry of blues and greys, cobalt and silver that are intimately and elegantly entwined, waltzing through the colonnade of urns and statues that line the marble flagged walkway. What a place, I am mesmerized by the calm meditative beauty of my surroundings, and start to feel even more relaxed than I already am. A profound calm descends, my heartbeat drops and the stretch of my breathing slows and deepens. I continue gently, one slow step at a time, along the road of satin stone, towards a small domed circular Temple like structure, that is situated at the center of the garden. I stand before the building, taking in the balance and poise of its form, the delicate arched roof and the spiral finials and polished globes that adorn it. The pale marble gleams ghostly white in the moonlight and this solitary tabernacle looks for a moment like a ghostly ship, afloat upon an indigo sea, a bastion of calm in an ocean of uncertainty, a place of knowledge, of defiance and balance. As I stand there, the dark shapes of birds, flap quietly away into the darkness, as all extraneous thoughts depart, and I am left with one focus, one mind, and walk quietly up the steps.
I enter her presence, then, for she stands within, the Lady of the card, Adjustment stands within.
Poised upon the tip of a great sword, she is an inscrutable and alluring figure, swathed in cobalt silk and masked with ebony.
At a point of perfect balance, she is equity and perfection, Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, measuring life and death in the scales of Maat. She is suspended energy, pure thought, the embodiment of meditation. As I stand, absorbing the magical presence of this gracious figure, I feel a kind of release within me… it seems as if every cell in my body is starting to rise up against gravity, to sit suspended in pure light. There is no focus, I feel as if I am completely weightless, without form or density, I feel that I have become one with the universe, and drift effortlessly, although I move nowhere, and feel as if I am sinking towards the center of my cells, towards that spark of divine fire within every particle that I am. As above, so below, I feel as if I am embracing my divinity, embracing Adjustment within my soul.
I stand for what seems like an eternity, drifting in a state of universal consciousness, the blood in my veins populated with a galaxy of suns, I am at one, at a point of stillness, a perfect balance.
Unlike other journeys, this vision slowly fades from me, there is no departure, no trumpeting fanfare, no silken hung portal. Like the dawn breaking across the starry sky, the magical garden fades slowly into grey, softly erasing the temple of Adjustment. I slowly become aware of the seat I am in, I have even bypassed The Hallway of Beginnings, and I am sat at home, in the cosy red chair by the fireside. Things are different now though, in some small way, the magic has been woven, I am adjusted, I am balanced, I have embraced my future.

Adjustment ATU VIII
The Daughter of the Lords of Truth
The Ruler of the Balance
Zodiacal Trump of Libra
Venus Rules
Saturn Exalted

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