The Knight of Cups

CupsKnightCut35As I sit patiently in The Hallway of Beginnings, and start to summon the power from beneath me, I know that this skill is starting to become like a second nature, another sense, which guides and helps me in my journey through life shedding an awareness of a different kind, carrying me into the places I may otherwise never reach. I feel as if I am nearing the end of my journeys into the Cups cards, my meanderings through uncharted emotional waters, the beauty of the depths of love and the fierceness of passion and pain. I take the stairs today, with calmness and peace walking alongside me, companions into this, the last of the Cups Court.
I walk out once again onto the green cliffs of Greenaway, the landscapes of my childhood, the origin of The Ace of Cups. It is a bold and bitter day and the sea is a tumult of ice grey and white, foam blasting and boiling in the winter sea, the raging wind frets and pulls at my hair and the huge waves are crashing on the shore, a mess of shelving shingle, black rock and weed. This is the mood that I love, exhilarating and powerful, untamed and free, it is the unbridled power of the ocean, the power that I am drawn to.
I walk along the high cliff, looking down at the dark rocky coves below me, the angry waves sucking and grinding on the shingle shore, the salt spray slapping my cheeks red and stinging my eyes… oh the passion…my poor heart races.
I come finally to the place that I remember from somewhere, a place that I found as a child, a rocky outcrop that forms a small castle like feature, a small island to a small child, a place of safety within the open sea, a castle of dreams. I have been searching for this place all my adult life, a place that I can clearly remember from those days, but that has been lost to my adult eyes. I remember the times that we played there as children, my siblings and I, carefree and heedless…. the games that we wove, safe from danger within the rocky walls, a magic place of childhood fantasy, the power and potential of a place I thought had ceased to exist, or that maybe had never existed at all.
I see it suddenly, as clear as day, and wonder how it has evaded me so often, and in the way of journeying I am slowly and smoothly drawn in until I stand within the walls of the rocky sea fortress of my youth, while the sea lays down in supplication and calm, revealing a soothing satin calmness that heaves lazily around the rocks every once in a while. The sun shines down with a beating heart that reminds me of the endless days of my young summers, and I bask in the rays feeling like I have found a part of me that has been missing for many many years, a gift that has been given back to me, something that I had lost sight of and had thought was gone forever.
And as I sit there, feeling at home in the place of dreams, I see in the distance a large ship approaching… a schooner that I have seen from another journey, a journey into a past life that I undertook several weeks ago. In that journey I was waiting, waiting for someone who had never returned…. But now I am watching that ship coming towards me, the ship that I had been so patiently waiting for, the ship that is coming home.

The Knight of Cups

The Lord of the waves and the Waters

The King of the Hosts of the Sea

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