2016 Vernal Equinox-Tarot Blog Hop

15DevilCut35“Make money your god and it will plague you like the devil.”
Henry Fielding English dramatist & novelist (1707 – 1754)


Money, the lack of it, and how to get more must be in the top three of all the varied subjects for Tarot reads. Love Money & Health, are surely the most asked question of the Tarot reader, so as I was considering the remit of this years Spring Equinox Blog Hop, of how, in my opinion Tarot & Finance are or can be linked, I set to puzzling.

I actually looked up what “money” meant, and according to our good friend Wikipedia, “ in Money and the Mechanism of Exchange (1875), William Stanley Jevons analyzes money in terms of four functions: a medium of exchange, a common measure of value (or unit of account), a standard of value (or standard of deferred payment), and a store of value. By 1919, Jevons’s four functions of money were summarized in the couplet:  Money’s a matter of functions four, A Medium, a Measure, a Standard, a Store. So in simple terms, “money” can be understood to mean “value”

When peoDisks10Cut35ple come to me for a reading about money, it’s usually because they don’t have enough of it. They want to change their job perhaps, in order to get more money, maybe they feel that they deserve more in life, a holiday perhaps, or new clothes, a better car, or a bigger house, the list is endless and the need often seems very justified. However, I do find that invariably there are no indicators of finance in the read, no obvious poverty, no surprise wealth, no disks at all in fact for many people, or too little to consider as dominating the spread. ‘Where has all the money gone’ I wonder, ‘what can I tell them about these cups, swords & wands, and will they want to listen? Will they take on board the fact that they are needing more value in their life, that they are needing to value themselves more, to find the real gold that they are subconsciously seeking, rather than the shiny stuff that we give so much of our lives working for?’

It’s a tough call, because many people do not wish to hear these things, and this could be the point where I may have preferred that I had used a less “cut to the bone” deck!!

It is at precisely at this point in the proceedings that I invoke The Devil.
The Devil, for me, has ultimately come to represent “Manifestation” which I feel is very much the essence of the money question. We wish for material things to manifest in our lives, and therefore very often assume that we need money in order to obtain them. We become beguiled by the illusion that money will answer all of our problems, and that if we only had a little more, then we would be far happier, and as we know, this is very often, sadly, not the case.
The Thoth Devil, looks down on us with a humorous smile on his face, for he is the Lord of Illusion. He is the card of Capricorn, a sign associated with the making of money in order to gain security, and which, of course, is in itself an illusion. The Devil smiles at the weakness and self enforced slavery of our human frailty, and we curse him as the begetter of sin and the demon who imprisons us with his wicked ways.
Linking the spheres of Hod & Tiphareth, path 26 of the Kabbalah is walked by The Devil, and has much to do with the creation of our own lives. Harnessing the power and clarity of the mind in order to shape our lives in a form that is in harmony with the highest good of our selves, is I feel, one of the greatest gifts of The Devil. If, in this way, we can let go of our attachment to money as a way of substantiating our own security, and find the inner feeling of worth that is the essence of what we are truly seeking, then we may be better placed to actually shape our lives. It is a path of darkness, in that we must walk it with only faith as our guiding star, a path that requires us to drop many of the beliefs that we may have held all our lives, for we are born for infinite happiness, and it is our choice, at any time, to free ourselves of the shackles that we invite to bind us, and to step forward into our desired lives.

352ae75ebcc2e96a906987072a8ff830So in order to help my clients look deeper into the question of their “Life Desires” and to perhaps discover what could be holding them back, I have devised this spread. I have called it “The Road” for we are all on a journey, and this is my gift to you, as we reach this meeting of the blogs on the highways of the world wide web this Vernal Equinox.

A Happy Ostara to you one and all!!


0FooltestCut351. The Road Behind me
(The past, the foundation to the current situation)
2. The Road Ahead of Me
(What lies ahead of me?)
3. The Rock in my Path
(What blocks me?)
4. My Stick & Bundle
(What are my conscious desires, skills and abilities?)
5. My Secret Longings
(What I subconsciously require, unknown goals and skills?)
6 My Friend and Ally
(What I need to focus on in order to navigate the rock?)
7. The Demon at my Heels
(What holds me back and distracts me from my progress with this?)
8. My Guiding Star
(What leads me onward?)

I hope that you have enjoyed my contribution, and now urge you to click forward or backwards, and visit all the other amazing blogs on this hop. Some of them may even tell you how to get some hard cash!!!!



6 thoughts on “2016 Vernal Equinox-Tarot Blog Hop

  1. Yes, indeed, I also associate the Devil with money, in its challenging form, specifically where its sphere is unbalanced.


  2. Yes, the root of all evil is money. Or is it chocolate? I can never remember. Chocolate is more punishing on the waistline than Satan. Must give that spread a try – thank you for sharing, looks most useful!


  3. Love this: “that they are needing to value themselves more, to find the real gold that they are subconsciously seeking, rather than the shiny stuff that we give so much of our lives working for?” I can totally relate to the missing money moment and how to deliver the news that the cards want to talk about the something deeper than the money. The Devil wasn’t far from my thoughts while writing my piece especially since it reduces to six. I also thought of the Lovers when I read this, “Harnessing the power and clarity of the mind in order to shape our lives in a form that is in harmony with the highest good of our selves.” Really enjoyed reading this.


  4. I so agree with what you say: people often say they want money, but what they really want is what they think it can buy them. And it’s not really that house or those new shoes, it’s the feeling of security or the sense of self-confidence! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your spread 🙂


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