Full Moon in Aquarius “Social Anxiety”

Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends. 

Shirley MacLaine

The seed point of this current cycle occurred six months ago, at the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th 2020, a time when we were all anxiously watching the bush fires ravaging Australia and other countries, and were concerned with the safety of the Koala bear and the other unique species whose habitat was disappearing so fast that the poor animals were being burned alive before they could escape the flames. Six months on, and this calamitous event, that spurred a huge surge in the climate change protests, seems like it happened years ago, the world has changed so much since then.

The feelings of unity and togetherness which seemed like they were finally galvanising the world into a united common cause have been shattered, by the invisible threat of a disease for which there is no “cure”, not that this is unusual, as there are many of those in our lives, and always have been. So why does this fear have us running scared, and turning away from all our fellow humans because we imagine the grim reaper in every face that we meet? Saturn’s brief movement into Aquarius earlier this year, was a “sneak peek” of the energy of the next few years, which will be reconfirmed in December, when he finally takes up full residence in Aquarius until the end of 2023, and which many astrologers have equated with the signature of “Social Distancing”. (Aquarius= social, Saturn=Distancing & Constraint).


Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn, as is Capricorn, so there will be another few years where Saturn is in the hot seat, and mighty powerful as a consequence. It is interesting to notice the ever increasing importance of the breaking down of boundaries between gender, race and religion, which in fact mean very little to Aquarius, who is far more concerned with intellectual compatibility and the meeting of minds. I expect the worlds of teaching, media, science & law to have a renewed focus over the next few years, with new innovations and pioneering reforms being started, based on the foundations already laid down by tradition, which will guide us into the new way of being that is now required.

The Six of Swords

Fear of change however, is very close beneath the surface I believe, for we are deeply aware that change is required, but also profoundly afraid, because we lack the leadership to give us confidence in our abilities to move forward, although move forward we know we must. I fully believe that from within the “collective” a movement will arise that will draw some sort of cohesion from the traditions of the past, and unite them with a new vision of the future, a balanced appreciation of both old and new, to lead us strongly into what is to come, a vision that will allow us to span the divisions of race, gender and faith that in the past have kept us weak and disempowered.

The New Moon in January that originated the current cycle, fell in the first decan of Aquarius and was associated with the tarot card of The Five of Swords. It culminates with the next Full Moon, in the second decan of Aquarius, which is linked to The Six of Swords. The message of this particular cycle is to see that there is something beyond an apparent defeat, and that all things must at some stage change, if they are to continue, much like pruning a plant to stimulate strong growth in the roots. A transformation of the original pattern for a different purpose, and to carry this knowledge into the future is a key idea at this point. Five is a number associated with the discomfort of change, of moving beyond what is secure and known, and perhaps by now “stale”. Six is a number of the past, associated with memories, inheritance and how the past affects not only the present, but also the future; within the suit of swords, the emphasis is on knowledge, communication, understanding and new beginnings.

William Blake-Ancient of Days

To precise these concepts, you might ask yourself where in your life do you need to accept change, that things cannot continue in the way that they have been. What ideas or concepts do you continue to hold on to, regardless of knowing deep down that it is time to let them go, that there will be no forward motion until you do. What communication styles need an overhaul, and where perhaps might you need to relinquish control, so that you can embrace a more balanced future, possible because of a deeper and more coherent understanding of what has happened in the past.

As can be seen from the Tarot Signature in the three cards above, there is a sense of a loosening of restriction, to allow the understanding of past actions to qualify a return to balance and hope. The naivety of thinking that you would be able to control a situation to your liking has given way to an understanding that what you had hoped for so fervently may well come to pass, through an acceptance of loss and the ability to make peace with what has already occurred, however difficult or painful that may have been.


In the glory of my fullness, I speak to you, revealing the truth as I see it at this moment. There are no secrets here, for if you are brave enough to look, all will be declared. Now it is time to turn away from all that is no longer fulfilling for you. I empower you to live your authentic self, to be unashamed of your fullness, to embrace your own power, to proclaim your true self, without fear. In Aquarius-I Know: more than I can explain, for I am in touch with the power of the collective human mind. All thoughts are mine and yet I own none of them. I am the power of the group, the heart of humanity, a child of the world. I speak for all peoples, I am beholden to no one, for I am the wanderer between heaven and earth. ©JKG

The Astrologers Diary


The Full Moon every month offers an opportunity to find closure, and to let go of patterns that have outlived their purpose in your life. As an Astrologer, I find it to be a useful exercise for myself and in working with others, to use the energy of each particular Full Moon to clarify the energy of the last six months according to the Sabian Symbol that it falls on, together with the position in which it falls in the Natal Chart. Such considerations can be invaluable in steering through ups and downs, and in becoming “easy” with the ebb and flow of what life brings.  This month however, probably because I myself have the Moon in Aquarius, so the Full Moon falls near my natal Moon, I rant about the state of the planet, the insidious fear prevailing in all aspects of society, and the growing weakness of our common humanity as we all become afraid of each other with the notion that we are all at risk of dying from a disease that has no cure.

This particular Full Moon falls in the 12th degree of Aquarius, which Dane Rudhyar describes as follows: 


KEYNOTE: The necessity of recognizing differences of types and levels of development wherever human beings live and work together.

I love this image of a staircase of people at all different levels, standing together, it gives me great hope and inspiration that we will unite, despite the fear of each other that is being promoted at the current time; the Aquarian functions of cleansing and purification are necessary now more than ever.

Michelangelo- The Creation of Adam

Interestingly, the word VIRUS comes originally from the word VENOM, which means both a toxic substance produced by some animals (such as snakes, scorpions, or bees) that is injected into prey or an enemy chiefly by biting or stinging and has an injurious or lethal effect, OR a spiteful malicious feeling or state of mind extreme ill will or MALEVOLENCE.

Sculpture by Paige Bradley

It seems to me that rather than worrying so much about a “life threatening virus”, which apparently we will overcome by staying away from all our fellow humans, that perhaps we should be more concerned with the unspoken threats that undermine the fabric of our society. Prejudice, sexism, homophobia, gender inequality, racial hatred, political dogma and a disregard for the health of the natural world, combine together to devastate and weaken our societies, dissolve our connection with each other and our relationship with the natural world. I mean, if governments were that bothered about getting rid of the threats of virus’s like CV-19, rather than shutting society down, they would shut down the hideous factory farming practices that spawn these viruses wouldn’t they? It is these types of issues which are, as far as I am concerned, a far more dangerous and life threatening presence in our lives than that of the current fear of illness; so bring on the New Age of Aquarius….. it has been a long time arriving!!

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives for now in the South West of Ireland. Throughout my life, I have watched as the planets have woven their stories around me, for it is a truth that my love affair with the stars has been and will be life-long. I can often be found at home, deep in arcane research, or practising some new form of divination, usually whilst trying not to burn the dinner! My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance across the thresholds of life experiences as defined by the outer planet transits. Through combining Astrology with Tarot and Shamanic techniques, I work with you, the client, to open the way to self-empowerment and healing, helping you to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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