The New Moon in Leo “Omnia Vincit Amor”

In the flush of love’s light, we dare be brave. And suddenly we see that love costs all we are, and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.”    

Maya Angelou

The next New Moon, which falls on August the 19th is placed in the last decan of Leo, ruled by Mars, and in trine to Mars, currently in his sign of rulership, Aries. This decan is associated with tenacity and struggle, the fight to retain what has been hard won, from hostile forces both within and without.

A part of the zodiac that is associated with the utterly steadfast heart, it gives the strength that rises in the face of approaching defeat, when all hope has been lost, the strength to rise again and to master the challenges that lie ahead.

Artwork: Andrew Gonzales
Artwork: Andrew Gonzales

In the current climate, it is all too easy to fall into a fear based reaction to life, and it seems to me that now more than ever, our individual approach to what is happening around us is often qualified by our own fears, our faith, (or lack of it) in our abilities to survive, and the strength of love that we have for our own lives. The quote that I chose from Maya Angelou speaks to me so clearly at this time, describing the love that we have felt for another, whose true sweetness and strength is only really discovered after they have gone. Whether it is a child, a parent, a lover or a friend, it seems that only the loss of that love allows us to measure its depth, and only in that place of loss can we develop the strength of love necessary for our own selves, the strength to continue in the midst of great difficulty.

The Lion of St Mark, Venice

The deep message that is available at the time of this New Moon, is to face into the difficulties that approach, according to the area of life described by your chart; where this New Moon falls. Looking to where you may feel under duress, unable to hold out for much longer, or resigned to defeat, may also help you to see where your attitudes or approach may actually have been blocking your path, or holding you back. Where can the love of your own self, for your life, your sense of creativity and passion, for the road that you walk on, ignite the flame required to burn away the obstacles that stand in front of you; where can your own personal faith in your own abilities, light the way ahead? We are challenged to be proud of what we are doing, to reconnect with a sense of purpose that we may have wandered from, and to set aside our small fears in order to continue on, even though we may be afraid of what is coming in the future; to finally discover, that “Love Conquers All” ❤

The Tarot cards representing the energy of this New Moon are above, and are taken from the Thoth Tarot. The first is The Tower, the Tarot signature of Mars, followed by The Five of Wands, the card associated with this particular New Moon and whose astrological associations are Mars in Leo. The third card is the card associated with Leo, Lust or Strength. This fiery trio, signals the need to keep on standing up for what you believe in, to find the determination to carry on, even if it seems that the odds are uneven and that your persistence will win through eventually. In order for this to happen, it may be necessary to shatter old illusions about your situation, to step free of habits or situations that have been keeping you in a weakened and debilitated state. It may be that old grievances need to come to the surface and be released, in order for you to find the strength to move forward in the way that you need to. Freedom from unhealthy situations can give you a new lease of life, and the energy to accomplish what it is that you desire, although it is unlikely to be easy to break free of “traditions” that represent structure and stability to you. There is no doubt however, that a stubborn adherence to outworn situations is likely to bring some uncomfortable confrontations, and it may be better to resolve any pressured matters before that time comes. Seven is a number of personal advancement and maturation, and in the suit of fire, refers to developing wisdom, creativity, personal goals and road of the future.

At this New Moon, take a moment to pause, and reconnect with your intuition, listen carefully to your own wisdom, and allow it to rise above the fears that clamour from every source at the present time. Like a mother, you will know what is right for you to do, for you, and those closest to you, you will be able to feel the path ahead, and to set out on the journey of of your dreams.


Hierophant by Stuart Littlejohn. Part of the Quareia Magicians Deck.

I am the power of the bursting seed, dancing in the beckoning void, ripe with limitless potentials. A kaleidoscope of outcomes seduces, invites and tempts you, but be still in the darkness of the Moon. Sense the power of her black womb, and wait. Trust that in the stillness that I, the right “seed” for now, will find you, a vision for your soul to nurture” In Leo, I WILL- Walk onto life’s stage with extravagance and playfulness, I will be the life and soul of the party! I am generous and giving, I am organised and loyal, I am a leader, I am the king of my domain. Feed me drama and excitement, wonder and glee, but also let me be united with you in my desire for warmth, joy and laughter, for my heart is big enough to hold all within its walls.  ©JKG

The Astrologers Diary


The New Moon every month offers an opportunity to sow new seeds, and as an Astrologer, I find it to be a useful exercise for myself and in working with others, to use the energy of each particular New Moon, according to the Sabian Symbol that it falls on, together with the position in which it falls in the Natal Chart. Such considerations can be invaluable in steering through ups and downs, and in becoming “easy” with the ebb and flow of what life brings.  

This particular New Moon falls in the 27th degree of Leo, which Dane Rudhyar describes as follows: 


KEYNOTE: The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.

I love this image from the Sabian symbols, of being on the threshold of a new cycle… it appears to be very positive…. I hope that it is. The current climate that we are living in is very strange indeed, much in need of a new beginning in my opinion, and I fervently hope, and even pray that the new beginning is to be one that serves the earth and its creatures better, and its people in a fairer and more just manner than we have seen in the past.

This particular New Moon falls in my own 3rd house, an opportunity to make a new beginning in terms of my communication with others, especially those close in relationship to me. As far as communication in general, this extends to the written word too, and I must renew my efforts towards editing my book, as with being caught up in summer activities, I feel on many days that I have ended up with little achieved and all my energy expended!! The third house is also the house of schools, and schooling, and I am currently musing over the situations with schools and colleges re-starting, and even whether they will, in the way that we understand it. My two children will both be heading back, one to school and one to college, for her first year, so they are very much on my mind, (more so than ever) around this time.

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives for now in the South West of Ireland. Throughout my life, I have watched as the planets have woven their stories around me, for it is a truth that my love affair with the stars has been and will be life-long. I can often be found at home, deep in arcane research, or practising some new form of divination, usually whilst trying not to burn the dinner! My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance across the thresholds of life experiences as defined by the outer planet transits. Through combining Astrology with Tarot and Shamanic techniques, I work with you, the client, to open the way to self-empowerment and healing, helping you to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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