The Story of Art

From a place of purity and strength when all the dross has been stripped away, then in this place where death and life exist simultaneously then all potential is born, and understanding may be found.

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The Four of Wands

The place where I am standing, is thick with cypress trees, and I feel that these stately and noble trees have a meaning, and I remember that they contain the key which can thread together the elements of healing and death, light and darkness, wisdom and woe. They speak to me with their heavy darkness ad stately mien, and they tell me that after darkness comes light, after pain comes rest… and that they are the symbols of this, the protector of souls that travel in dark places

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The Universe

And so I sit in the hallway of beginnings, waiting for the end, waiting for the beginning, waiting for time to summon me… and now…. it is time, and so I walk for the last time it feels, up the beautiful wooden stairs that I have come to love, with their satin sensations beneath my naked feet, and my hands resting on the elegant rail. I can feel cool tears running down my face, for I know that I must leave things here that I hold dear to my heart, things that I cannot bring with me where I am going.

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