New Moon in Capricorn “Power Games”

Every lofty position comes with its own expectations and obligations, the loss of personal freedom often being the hidden price that one pays for any position of authority. The temptation that comes with positions of great influence is always that of hubris, both for those who sit at the top, and also for those invisible figures, who move silently in the shadows to manipulate the reins of control.

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New Moon in Aries “Brave New World”

Different values are likely to rise up, and there is a sense of the air “clearing” as a “brave new world” begins to emerge from the rubble. The essential nature of this planetary pair is the breaking down of the old order so that something new can emerge. In Capricorn, this “breaking down” will occur in long-standing institutions, such as Government, Financial, Religious, Legal and perhaps Royal.”

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The New Moon in Aquarius: Thursday 15th Feb-Into The West

I searched, but I could not find Thee; I called Thee aloud, standing on the minaret; I rang the temple bell with the rising and setting of the sun: I bathed in the Ganges in vain; I came back from Kaaba disappointed; I looked for Thee on earth; I searched for Thee in the heaven, my Beloved, but at last I have found Thee, hidden as a pearl in the shell of my heart.

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