-Taurus New Moon Tarot- May 11th 2021

For those of you who like to lay cards to help focus the New Moon energy, I have designed this spread from a consideration of the energies of The New Taurus Moon that falls on May 11th 2021

KEYNOTE: Spiritual inspiration that is borne from the overcoming of crisis.

Dane Rudhyar

Shuffle your chosen deck, and focus on what you might like to achieve in the next 6 months. What life situations need your prayers and positive attention in order to fulfil their promise? Draw 5 cards:

  • Card 1: What seeds have I already sown that need continued effort?  
  • Card 2: How can I best apply my positive energy to the work in progress?
  • Card 3: How can I maintain this approach steadily over the next 6 months? 
  • Card 4: What difficulties will I experience in this journey?
  • Card 5: What wisdom will I harvest with my “crop” by the Full Moon in Taurus in Oct 2021?

For Cards 1 and 2, the realm of life can be seen by the element of the card. Card 3 could be an ongoing measure that you can employ to make sure that things remain on course. Card 4 is likely to show where the experiences over the next six months might challenge you to give up. Card 5 will be the outcome of the phase, a core concept or mandala that you can employ in the future to assist you in remembering what you have learned.

I hope that you find this spread insightful, and as usual, please feel free to share and pass on.

Try adding the numerology of your own five cards together and see which of the Major Arcana you arrive at. To read more about the meaning behind this particular cycle, its origins and deeper meaning, read more here.  Pray For Us.

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new moon blessings to you all, and may the goddess watch over you 

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Joanna Grant. D.F.Astrol.S

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the beautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. I can often be found at home, deep in arcane research, or practicing some new form of divination whilst burning the dinner! My children probably wish that I was “normal” but may well remember my eccentricities fondly when they come to face the challenges of their own paths. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice, in offering guidance, empowerment and healing, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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