“Thank you for doing the reading. It was very insightful. Though it was not what I hoped to hear, it was what I needed to hear logically speaking. I appreciate your honest interpretation. I felt that the reading was very intuitive. A mix of an interpretation of the cards and then you adding your own insight for this context. Before he was in my life (in the romantic sense), I was very carefree in spirit. He added that sense of stability that you mentioned and when he left, it felt/feels like he took that with him. Since then, I have been hoping that he would return so that he would bring back whatever I lost when he left. I hadn’t been able to put my finger on what that was until this reading. I also had issues because for the longest time I honestly believed that he was a soulmate and the person I was going to be with. Letting go of that illusion as well as trying to figure out what I lost from him has been a long and difficult process, unfortunately. Anyways, the reason I told you this is just so that you would be able to match up the situation to your reading to see for yourself how relevant it is to me right now. I hope that it helps me find my own feet and truly accept that I don’t need someone else to bring what he did to my life in order to be happy.”