New Moon in Aquarius Natures Challenge

The Sun is at its weakest in the sign of Aquarius, being close to earth, low in the sky in the northern hemisphere, and in the sign opposite its sign of rulership Leo. In the ancient Egyptian funerary text, The Book of Gates, which describes the passage of the Sun through the hours of darkness it spends beneath the earth, the administering of cool refreshment might also be linked to the symbolism of Aquarius, as the Sun is prepared for new life through the cleansing of all that has gone before.

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Christmas Cards

Oh, star of wonder, star of night,Star with royal beauty bright.Westward leading, still proceeding,Guide us with thy perfect light. The concept of a “Guiding Star” was always highly attractive to me, even as a small child… “We Three Kings” was always my absolute favourite hymn, belted out with gusto every christmas from the age of […]

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“What Is The Future Of My Relationship?”

Once the question remains in the heart of the questioner, and cannot seem to be answered in any other way, i.e. it has become a burning question then the question may be asked. The astrologer, on receiving and understanding the full meaning of the question, and being ready to answer the question, then, and only then, casts the chart. In its way, it is a moment of magic, where we can tap into the knowledge inherent in the universe to see what may come to pass.

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