The Aries Ingress 2023 Fisher Kings

“Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils — no, nor the human race, as I believe — and then only will this our State have a possibility of life and behold the light of day..”

 Plato- The Republic

The Aries Ingress refers to the moment when the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Aries, which occurs around March 20th or 21st each year and is also known as the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

In astrology, the Aries Ingress is considered a significant event, marking the beginning of a new astrological year and used by Astrologers to make predictions about events and trends for the coming year. The chart provides insights into the prevailing energies and themes that will be significant for the next twelve months, particularly used as a focuses for world events and trends. When the chart set for different locations on the globe it is used to predict political, economic and physical trends for that location in the coming year.

Despite any other considerations we may have at this time, the spring equinox brings a feeling of being connected to the strong life force energy of this time of year. Regardless of where we are in life it is natural to us to recognize the potential inherent in the changing of the seasons and a desire to sever unhealthy connections that may be hanging over from the previous twelve months. Desiring to leave winter behind us, we often yearn to begin again on a fresh or wiser footing. Emerging from the watery womb of Pisces, into the broad light of this new day, we blink with the strength of the light, dazzled by the potentials, or indeed the emptiness which lies before us. Gone are the confusing and cloying thoughts of the past, there is a whole new world lying ahead of us to discover. This energy is particularly strong this year, as we also have a New Moon in Aries falling only hours after the Equinox.

Ingress charts are timed for when planets move into a sign, so for the snapshot of national outcomes, we look at the moment when the Sun moves into 0 degrees of Aries. Depending on the resulting chart ascendant, it may also be necessary to look further into the charts of the Cancer Ingress- Summer Solstice, Libra Ingress- Autumn Equinox and even the Capricorn Ingress or Winter Solstice.

Although the planetary alignment will be the same all over the world at the Spring Equinox, because of the differing time zones and distribution of countries over the surface of the planet, the planets will be scattered through the houses of the horoscope differently, so while late Libra rises in Dublin, Ireland, Scorpio will be rising in London, UK, and Virgo will be rising in the U.S. This subtlety brings different areas of the chart into focus, so similar themes are more important in different countries and may have different areas of expression.

A few things stand out in particular in this year’s chart: The Moon, which in an ingress chart, traditionally represents “the people” women in general and generally where the attention of the public is focused, is one of only two planets which make an applying aspect, in this case, a square to Mars. The only other applying aspect is Mars applying to a trine with Saturn and the situation where only maelifics are being applied to does not really suggest a fortuitous year, confirmed by the fact that with the majority of planets in separating aspects and a waning Moon, close to New, we might expect that much of the energy of the year will be spent dealing with the after effects of actions and decisions which have already taken place. The position of Venus in Taurus, close the the north node and also angular in most of the european charts, suggest that farming and agriculture, most particularly cattle will be a major focus for the coming year. Housing, migration and the movement of peoples in general will also be a continuing and important theme as will water. The strong Pisces emphasis in this years chart will underline matters concerning the oceans, their health and their use as a means of transport. Migration via boat is likely to become more and more of an issue as well as who actually controls the oceans and waterways. The extent to which water is poisoned may well begin to emerge as an issue, as well as the structure of water, and how its structure can hold imprints. There may also be an increasing awareness of diminishing fish stocks and new laws in this regard as well as more attention given to reducing sea pollution or the contamination of groundwater in general. A well placed Venus in Taurus at this years Aries Ingress suggests a strong focus on farming and agriculture, food security and cattle in particular.


This year, the Aries ingress chart for Ireland is governed by Libra, reflecting the same very late degree as was occupied by the Moon last year. The fact that a cardinal sign rises, suggests a rapidly changing situation with the need for further charts to be cast for the summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice to get a truly accurate picture of what is occurring. On inspection however, Libra rises for the both the Cancer and Libra ingresses in Ireland, with the Capricorn Ingress being governed by Scorpio; I will update the information at the relative points.

With a very late Libra ascendant (falling in the via combusta or firey way) we continue in the burned out feeling of last year although ruler Venus is strong in her own sign of Taurus and conjoined to the North Node. This positive energy is, however located in the 7th house, so pertains to treaties with foreign powers or disputes with open enemies. As Pluto edges closer to its transiting square with the lunar nodes and chart ruler Venus, I would expect new documentary evidence to appear in regards to ongoing governmental lawsuits and enquiries with issues concerning pensions, taxes, the health service and the death rate emerging as potential sources of difficulty for the government.

The farming issue is lobby is likely to gather strength, here as well as in the UK and Europe in general, with the theme of agriculture, food security and the rising cost of imports becoming a major concern for many. Housing will also continue to be an increasingly important issue with strong demands being made for the government to pay attention to the people at home, rather than those from abroad. A strong sense of rootlessness and instability pervades the chart, suggesting that what provided a good foundation in the past, has changed and people are unsure as to what will replace that. Like much of Europe, the government is likely to be in for a difficult year, with a lack of funds, too much confidence placed on foreign support and an increasing demand for them to make some redress for the misdemeanours of the past. Mixed messages, propaganda and even downright lies are likely to be a major source of difficulty. Although there is no change of government there is a strong theme of decay and devolution which is concurrent for much of the European area.

the united kingdom

With fixed sign, Scorpio rising, this chart will be good for the full twelve months. The south node conjoined to the ascendant suggests a population in freefall, and an increasing lack of confidence in the government with louder calls for their removal as people struggle to make ends meet and are increasingly impatient with the weak and confused messaging of government. Increasing anger over imigration is likely as is a distrust of foreign treties, and collaborations. There is likely to be a sense that others get the best, while at home the cupboard is bare. The main positive this year could be that the prospect of a coronation could help to boost the tourist numbers that have been flagging since brexit and covid.


With mutable sign Sagittarius on the ascendant, this chart is good for two months. Although shown by different planets, this is another country that is likely to be calling for their leaders to step down. Again, housing is likely to be a massive issue, and in the wake of the recent earthquakes, for a very good reason. Issues regarding taxes, particularly land or building taxes. A strong agricultural base provides well for Turkey, although issues could arise over how much is being exported for profit as opposed to what is kept for the population. Increasing anger over debt, taxation and are likley but the main focus for the year will be on trying to rebuild after the disaster. It would not surprise me to see a change of government this year.

I am in no way a political expert, so my insights come mainly from looking at the astrological charts. Overall, the indications are not encouraging, the overall “astrological weather” has not been settled for some time for we are at a time of great seismic shifts, which of course affect us all. It is not my aim to be all doom and gloom, but rather to seek the prevailing conditions; the forecast for this year continues to inform me that growing more food is a good habit and to be prepared for ongoing disruption. Great changes are afoot, but these things never happen at speed, our lifes are very small compared to the lives of nations; we all play our part and although I am not in the business of pedelling fluffy pink unicorns and misplaced hope, I also believe that it is very important not to sign up to receive the daily dose of fear porn; a fearful population is easily controlled. As ever, I continue to focus on my own small garden, this year I am attending to the water supply (still in the box!) . None of us can control what is going on in the greater world, we can only decide what happens inside us and to an extent in our immediate surroundings. I am still growing vegetables and staying positive for the universe, as really that is all I can do…. if there are enough of us who are positive, it won’t matter how much negativity is thrown out by the propaganda machines. Today is all we have. ❤

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  1. Thank you for this great article ,
    I wish more people would just focus their eyes on what they are standing on, as Martin Shaw says to kneel on the prayer mat under your feet , focus on where you are now.
    Cheers Leonie

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