New Moon in Aries “Emergence”

I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.

Sylvia Plath

I love using the Sabian Symbols as a focus for the lunar cycle. The huge variety of images seems to marry extrordinarily well with the shifting cycles of the Moon as it weaves itself through the signs of the zodiac fulfilling its phases of fertilisation, growth, blossoming, death and decay. The next New Moon is in a few days time, on the 21st of March and falls in the very first degree of Aries.


THE IMPULSE TO BE- An emergence of new forms and of the potentiality of consciousness.

This is the first of the 360 phases of a universal and multilevel cyclic process which aims at the actualization of a particular set of potentialities. These potentialities, in the Sabian symbols, refer to the development of man’s individualized consciousness — the consciousness of being an individual person with a place and function (a “destiny”) in the planetary organism of the Earth, and in a particular type of human society and culture. Dane Rudhyar.

Coming in on the Aries Ingress, and within a few days of Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, this New Moon in Aries underlines very much, the idea of a major new cycle. The symbol of a woman emerging from the sea beautifully describes the challenges we face as we strive to forge a new path.

Individual consciousness relies on our ability to emerge out of a sea of generic and collective ideas, the shared beliefs, values, and experiences that are passed down through society. This includes everything from language and religion to social norms and political ideologies which create a web of belonging and identity, but which can also limit our perspectives and constrain our thinking.

Although we are deeply connected to the collective, each person has a unique and distinct perspective on the world which arises from individual experiences, thoughts, and emotions. It is through this individual consciousness we are able to make sense of the world around us and to form our own beliefs and values. The process of developing a unique consciousness, can be challenging however, as we are required to question the assumptions and beliefs we have inherited, and to develop our own sense of identity and purpose. Each of us has the potential to develop our own unique perspective on the world and while this process can be challenging, it is an important part of what it means to be human.

The energetic process of initiation and rebirth described in this degree, is surrounded by memory and ghosts of the past failures experienced during previous cycles. The strength of impulse maybe undermined by fears and insecurities, holding us back and preventing us from summoning the bravery necessary to move out into the new world. This tension can create a conflict between the desire to move towards a better future and the pull of past negative experiences. The strength of these opposing forces can vary from person to person and from situation to situation. For some individuals, the fear and insecurity may be stronger than the desire for change, leading to a reluctance to take risks, while for others, the desire for a better future may be the stronger, leading them to push through the fear and take action towards their goals.

On an individual level there may be a strong desire for personal growth, self-improvement, or self-actualization involving the aquiring of new skills or talents, exploring new interests or passions, or cultivating a sense of purpose or meaning in life. This impulse may be driven by a sense of inner dissatisfaction or restlessness or the feeling that there is more to be experienced or achieved in life.

At the collective level, there may be a strong push towards progress, innovation, or social change; working towards a common goal or vision, challenging the status quo, or advocating for the rights and well-being of marginalized or oppressed groups. This sense of collective purpose or mission, a feeling that there is a better future to be created for oneself and others reflects a fundamental aspect of human nature – the drive to grow, evolve, and transcend current limitations. It can be a powerful source of inspiration and motivation, fueling personal and collective transformation, and inspiring individuals to reach for their full potential.

The culmination of this particular cycle is the Full Moon in Aries which takes place on the 29th September in the 6th degree, the symbol for which is as follows:


A ONE-SIDED URGE FOR INNER STABILITY.– The emotional desire for concrete and stabilized existence as a person.

At the end of the six month cycle, we may realise that although focusing on just one aspect of life may provide temporary relief, it is unlikely to lead to sustainable inner stability in the long term. It could become painfully apparant that to cultivate true inner stability, we need to examine all areas of life and identify the particular areas that are causing the most stress or conflict. It will become increasingly relevant to recognise that life is inherently uncertain and that no amount of external stability can guarantee a sense of inner fulfillment. Cultivating resilience, adaptability and a strong sense of self-awareness we can learn to accept and embrace the impermanence of life and find a sense of peace and freedom that transcends our desire for stability and control.

In ancient egypt a ram was sacrificed around the time of the spring equinox to ensure the continued return of the sun, and in the old testament it was a ssociated with the “return of the son”; we can see that the yearly sacrifice of a ram is still tradtional in all of the Abrahamic religions, originating in the story of how Abraham was permitted by god to sacrifice a ram in place of his son Isaac; whether its Passover, Easter or Bayram, lamb is on the menu!

Aries is a fire sign, which means that those born under it are typically energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic. They are known for their leadership qualities, as well as their independence and self-confidence. They can also be impulsive and prone to taking risks. In terms of personality traits, Aries individuals are often described as being adventurous, courageous, and competitive. They are driven to succeed and will not shy away from a challenge. At the same time, they can be impatient and easily frustrated when things don’t go their way. Aries is also known for directness and honesty; often seen as being natural born leaders, they often desire to take charge.

This particular lunar cycle completes in the first face of Aries, associated in the tarot with the Two of Wands and the action of “severance with the mother” stepping out of what is known, into the unknown. Here we see echos of the Sabian Symbol of emergence. The planet Mars is associated with this decan, the raw power needed for the birth of the new; blood is inevitable, no labour is painless or free from tears of pain!

With all the new energy in the skies, there is an undeniable sense of breaking free from the past, but with the added concern that we are unsure as to where it is we are heading. The Sun’s movement into Aries each year sets the tone for the next twelve months, which for many countries in Europe and also the US suggest that concern over financial markets is likely to lead to artificial bolstering which may well hit problems before too long. The thorny subject of death, debt and taxes is likely to be very much on the table for many and themes of decay and reorganisation resonate strongly. With Pluto hovering on the edge between Capricorn & Aquarius until the end of next year, and Saturn just into Pisces, there is sense of movement, flow, dissolution and change; not that us humans are really fond of all that! The demolition of structures that no longer serve us are rarely carried out with grace and poise and we must expect that we will inevitably end up with a mess on the carpet.

I have laid two cards from the Thoth Journey Tarot to give us focus for thE NEW CYCLE:
What is in the dark? and What will come to light?
What is Dark?

Fire 9 suggests feelings of being unable to continue on the current path. You may be forced to reconsider your position, but there will always be a good reason for your difficulties. Stay true, and remember, hope and solace can be found in the unlikeliest places. The number nine brings the results of past actions and how they will define future events; ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. In the suit of Fire, there is an understanding of the usefulness of past beliefs. At its best, this card brings the ability to battle on; at worst, it can indicate spiritual overwhelm and a loss of faith, meaning that you may be better off giving in to superior forces.

Zodiacal Location – The Second Decan of Sagittarius; Mode – Mutable; Element – Fire; Planetary Ruler – The Sun; Court Ruler – The Knight of Wands; Kabbalah Sephiroth – Yesod; Kabbalah World – Atziluth.

What must come to light?

The Earth Prince tells you that healing is required and that it is crucial to focus on your sense of peace, well-being and health at this time. Try to find someplace within your life where you can create a small haven, even if it is only a favoured comfortable chair, and prioritise your need for beauty, creativity and the time to go at your own pace. Enjoying the bounty of the natural world around you is rejuvenating and healing at this time.

Zodiacal Location – The Sign of Taurus; Mode – Fixed; Elemental Sequence – Air of Earth; Subjects – The Four of Wands, The Five & Six of Disks; Kabbalah Sephiroth – Tiphareth; Kabbalah World – Assiah.

At this New Moon there is the recognition that it may be no use struggling on as you have been, and to allow yourself the freedom to consider that you may just need to let go. Making time to rest, recuperate and form an appraisal of the current situation and to make a more informed plan, will not be time wasted. Allow yourself to rest awhile, to actually take a close look at all that is going on around you and use that wealth of insight to create a new direction.

I will celebrate the New Moon by focusing on the kickstarter project starting in a few days. Then, as the Sun and Moon join in fiery Aries, I will stand ready to light the touch paper!

A blessed New Moon to you all ❤

coming soon



“A new age is dawning, with a need for a new wisdom, one that comes from the heart. This book is dedicated to all those who find themselves, for whatever reason, in darkness; given with love, this work, is a product of our times.”

Joanna Grant is an astrologer of some 30 years and gained her Diploma at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 2012. Weaving her knowledge of the stars together with intuitive tarot techniques, she crafts highly personalised guidance for clients who are often navigating difficult life transitions. Lately, she has been very excited to breathe new life into her astrological practice through her study of Horary, where the traditional techniques of the ancients have helped her to interpret her knowledge in a whole new way. Having recently completed the STA Advanced Level Horary Diploma, she feels that in an uncertain world, the integrity of this tradition is an essential tool in giving clients the guidance they seek.

You can read more about her here.

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