I stepped tentatively into a delicate winter landscape where dusk quietly approached, and the land was beginning to express the first shy hints of blushing spring. Fragmentary pieces of black earth were baring themselves, as the thick enveloping blanket of snow was slowly relinquishing its icy hold on the land.
As I gazed on this mystical picture before me, something caught my eye, attracted me, a pointed form emerging slowly from the ground. I went towards it and saw that it was the erupting shoot of a huge Hyacinth plant. As stood, watching it grow, a woman in a blue robe, unfurled herself from the center of the plant, sylph like and elegant, she rose sensuously like a wisp of incense smoke, her form hanging in the air, time standing still.
She spoke of energy of this card being similar to a bulb, not needing extra food as such because the potential was contained within it, it just needed light and water in order to sprout and flower, to grow and produce something beautiful.
I left the Hyacinth, and headed towards a snow covered hut, where I assumed that I would find Malachi…. When I had found him, he told me that the Princess was lodged in a grove of trees in the distance.. I looked towards where he was pointing, and I made out a stand of dark trees atop a small hill some distance away, but the whole was indistinct from the dazzling aura emanating from a column of incandescent golden light that rose from the centre of the grove. I walked slowly towards the trees, unsure of what to expect, and stepped quietly through the perimeter of the grove.
In the center stood a figure, the Princess I assumed, completely absorbed in her occupation of channeling the energy of the earth upwards into infinity. I stood in awe, mesmerized, unable to go any closer to this hallowed personage before me.
I drew back into the open, and spotted reindeer, and then nomad herders of some sort, who were following the reindeer. I learned that they follow the growth, in order to keep their herds fed, so that they, in turn, can feed themselves. Like the energy of the Princess, they are deeply connected to the turning of the seasons, the turning of the world, always moving, never stagnating.
They have to be ready to leave at a moments notice, not wait in indecision for the moment to pass. The growth process does not wait, and nor can they, their very survival depends on the ability to move. In the winter they hunker down and wait for signs of spring, and once it comes, they follow.

The Princess of Disks
The Princess of the Echoing Hills
The Rose of the Palace of Earth
Princess and Empress of the Gnomes
Throne of the Ace of Disks


The word Hyacinth relates to the Greek term Hyacinthia, an ancient pre-Hellenic festival that lasted for three days. The first day was given over to mourning for the death of the hero: sacrifices were offered to the dead, banquets were stark and without pomp or decoration, the sacrificial breads were very plain. The second day was one of celebration for his rebirth. The young people played instruments whilst others participated in horse races. Numerous choirs competed in town, singing country songs and dancing. Amyclae was also the location of parades of carts decorated by the girls and women of Sparta. Numerous sacrifices were offered, and banquets where the citizens invited their friends and relatives.
The third day is not described in detail, it is possible that it was more solemn, or that mysteries were held. It is also known that for this holiday, the Spartan women wove a tunic which was then offered to the gods.