“What Is The Future Of My Relationship?”

Once the question remains in the heart of the questioner, and cannot seem to be answered in any other way, i.e. it has become a burning question then the question may be asked. The astrologer, on receiving and understanding the full meaning of the question, and being ready to answer the question, then, and only then, casts the chart. In its way, it is a moment of magic, where we can tap into the knowledge inherent in the universe to see what may come to pass.

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2022: Speaking Cultish

“…language doesn’t work to manipulate people into believing things they don’t want to believe; instead, it gives them license to believe ideas they’re already open to. Language—both literal and figurative, well-intentioned and ill-intentioned, politically correct and politically incorrect—reshapes a person’s reality only if they are in an ideological place where that reshaping is welcome.”

― Amanda Montell, Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism

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The Oracle of Change Sales Open

This distinctive visionary work is a unique collaboration between astrologer Joanna-Kate Grant and artist Aia Leu. Designed specifically for exploring difficult themes of transformation and change, the vivid combination of art and story helps the reader to invoke the richness of their own creative wisdom; to light their own way home.

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