The Astrology of 2020-A Place Out Of Time

There’s been rumors of war and wars that have been
The meaning of life has been lost in the wind
And some people thinkin’ that the end is close by
‘Stead of learnin’ to live they are learnin’ to die


With the year 2020 marked with the austerity of the Saturn Pluto Conjunction that becomes exact in January, it is likely that the world stage will be overshadowed by momentous events that are outside of our control.

The exit of the UK from the European Union, the possibility of Queen Elizabeth stepping down from the Monarchy, and an increasingly precarious situation both politically and environmentally in the USA will ensure that the focus of people’s attention will be kept firmly on events that they can have no hope of affecting, rather than on situations that they can do something about, but which may seem challenging and/or pointless in the face of the what may feel like impending doom.


The essential nature of this planetary pair, is the breaking down of the old order, so that something new can emerge. In Capricorn, this “breaking down” will occur in long standing institutions, such as Government, Financial, Religious, Legal and perhaps Royal. When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, we experienced the beginning of the banking crisis, the results of which are still playing out, as countries battle with increased homelessness, poverty, and cuts in social supports as a knock on effect, and other countries such as China, experiencing the beginnings of banking collapse.

Pluto has always been associated with riches that come from the depths of the earth, such as Oil, Gas and Coal. The Industrial Revolution that started in the 18th Century roughly coincides with Pluto’s last  transit through Capricorn, and we see now, after a full Pluto cycle of the Sun, that robbing the earth of all that she contains for the sake of

Piazza San Marco – Canaletto

developing further riches, cannot be the way that the human race continues. We however, conditioned to rely upon the very things that are spelling disaster to our environment, and nothing less than a total “revolution of thought” can help us in the future. The last time there was a Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn it was 1518, the height of the Italian Renaissance. The Protestant Reformation changed the face of the Europe, and it was the time of Copernicus and Michelangelo. Venetian influence began to

Genghis Khan

decline after that, whereas Spain and Portugal started to expand into the “New World”.

Before that, there was a conjunction in 1284… which heralded the rapid decline of the greatest Empire the world has ever seen, that of The Mongols.

So looking back in history helps us to see that this conjunction often coincides with an “implosion” or an “overreaching”, that requires some kind of devolution or change in the balance of power. Different values are likely to rise up, and there is a sense of the air “clearing” as a “brave new world” begins to emerge from the rubble.


With most of the planetary retrograde activity taking place through August, September & October, we might expect most “events” to have manifested by then, although the entire year is likely to feel rather like a “disaster waiting to happen”. With Mars retrograde through September to mid November, through its own sign of Aries and squaring the heavyweight team in Capricorn, sparks may well fly, as the faster planet on its home territory taps into the collective muscle of Saturn & Pluto.

On a personal level, the main astrological feature of the year will still be the Saturn Pluto conjunction that takes place in January. It sets the scene for a year where areas of your life which you might have thought were stable and reliable, start to change, putting everything in a new light. This can feel rather destabilising, particularly if you do not enjoy a good challenge. You may well experience limitation of some sort, and even hardship as you are tested in some area of life. However, if you can steer a positive course, it could be very rewarding, as the energy is excellent for clearing out the old in order to bring in the new, rather like renovating an old house. Along with the awareness that changes are now possible, there is also the potential to tap into the energy needed to move you closer to reaching your goals.

Power will be a key word this year, although whether you will feel powerful yourself, or will cross paths with powerful people depends on when you were born!. Taurus & Virgo are likely to benefit most from this transformative energy, whilst Aries & Libra may find themselves at the mercy of forces greater than themselves. Capricorn & Cancer are likely to experience the most dynamic year, and will probably be all systems go for anyone born under these signs. Although at times things could feel overwhelming, used wisely, the energies this year can assist you in achieving great changes, perhaps even discovering things about yourself that you never knew existed. Although the summer could feel as if it is dragging on, with problems multiplying and backing up during the Autumn, the year should end on a stronger note, with an increased joy in your responsibilities and the feeling that you have the ability to achieve a sensible balance in your life.

Here is a quick tour round the signs for the coming year, and what you might expect. Read for Sun Sign & Rising Sign if you know it.


Aries : The year begins with attention being drawn to the position that you hold in the world, and it may seem that events are conspiring against you. You may be forced to look closely at your career/home balance, and are likely to be motivated to examine whether you are ultimately heading in the right direction. If you have not been altogether honest with yourself in these areas, you may find that matters beyond your control begin to force your hand. Power struggles at work or an increased demand on your time and abilities will continue, but by the end of the year you should be able to rebuild in a more authentic way, finishing 2020 on a stronger footing and travelling lighter than when you started.

Taurus 2

Taurus : This year, you are likely to be drawn towards pushing boundaries, and expanding your horizons in some way. Whether it is going back to college, or travelling to some longed for destination, Taurus will undergo deep learning this year, although you may need to examine whether you really need that next qualification, or whether what you actually have to do is use the three that you already have! Early summer is likely to provide a period of deep introspection and soul searching, which although challenging, may provide the information needed for the next step. The end of the year could bring new earning potentials, or perhaps that holiday that you have been dreaming about.


Gemini: It’s all about building up your personal self worth this year, and there could be big changes on the money front. Don’t rule out a family inheritance this year, although how beneficial this ends up being, cannot be foreseen. On some level you will be focussing on developing your skill set, and making things more secure for yourself, whether this is through adding more strings to your bow, or just resolving to be better to yourself in 2020. The year ends with a renewed sense of connection in your local community, and the sense that you really do have something valuable to give.


Cancer: For Cancer, it will be down to other people to bring big changes this year, and you could well find yourself at the mercy of others decisions. Although it may seem as if choice is taken out of your hands, it could well be exactly what you needed after all, so don’t panic when everything seems to be falling apart. By the end of the year, you will be gathering everything back together again, and be relieved that there is probably now far less to worry about, and more time for you to spend time where you would rather be, with those you love the best.


Leo: For Leo it is likely to be a year where health and the importance of good daily routines will move to the forefront. Prompted by a desire to get a better handle on things that have been rather out of control, you may find yourself having to get better at managing yourself. Famous for enjoying the good times, Leos will now have to put some effort into looking after themselves, and to find a better health and fitness balance if they are to carry on in the style to which they aspire. Hard work here should pay off and see you in fine fettle just in time for the party season in December.


Virgo: For Virgo, expect big changes in the areas of personal creativity and children. There is a powerhouse of energy available to you this year, although you may find yourself investing most of it in your little ones, if you are at that stage. This could prove challenging, especially if you would rather be out and about in the wider world pursuing your own goals. Be reassured however that the time invested now will not be wasted. By the end of the year, you should be able to put into action all the plans that you have had for a change of diet, exercise program and new work practises.


Libra: For Libras, home life is where the disruption is going to be, they are the sign most likely to be doing major structural changes this year. Now is the time to make sure that the foundations of your life are on firm ground. This could be literally renovating your house, or more metaphorically, spending time with your family and loved ones. Either way you benefit from reflecting on your personal life with a view to building firmer foundations for the future. By the end of the year, things lighten up, and you realise that “all work and no play makes for a dull person” and you feel more able to express your sense of fun and creativity.


Scorpio: Your daily activities take up more attention than usual this year, and your communications with other people develop a more serious note. Your relationships with siblings may cause some difficulty, and you may find yourself working harder than usual to keep things on an even keel within your family of origin. The end of the year sees more attention being put in closer to home, with the desire to expanding your home, move to a larger house, or renovate the place that you have. A new enjoyment of your family blossoms towards the end of the year, and celebrations may be in order to welcome a new member through birth or marriage.


Sagittarius: Financial restrictions can be a problem during this year, particularly if you have made irresponsible decisions in connection with your finances in the past. You may feel that your resources are stretched to the limit, and this could in turn affect your self-esteem. On a more positive note you have the ability during this time to work hard and build up your personal value. The end of the year sees you getting more involved in communications of all kinds, taking a new course, making new friends or just making time to catch up with old ones.


Capricorn: During this period you reap the benefits of the hard work that you have done in recent years. Achievement comes as a result of facing your responsibilities, something which could be highly rewarding, or overwhelming, depending on how you have played your cards. If you have spent many years working behind the scenes, now is the time when you are likely to take on a more public role and receive recognition for your efforts. By the end of the year your sense of well-being increases, either through a growing sense of self-esteem or as a result of increased wealth. Money flows during this period, but spend it wisely, otherwise you will later discover that your increased income has simply slipped away.


Aquarius: This is likely to be a year where you are working very hard behind the scenes in order to achieve an important ambition in life and you may find yourself testing your ideals and how far they can be used to further the goals of others. Although it could be a difficult year in ways that others may not notice, by the end of it you will experience a far greater sense of optimism and self-confidence, where you finally feel capable of achieving the goals that you have been working towards. You may well find that through the course of the year that you develop a larger-than-life presence with the ability to inspire others, and as a result have the opportunity to travel to spread the words of your personal mission to others.


Pisces: Group commitments feature strongly this year, and you could find yourself taking on an official role, or your commitments to a group could increase. It is also possible that friendships and groups of people that have featured heavily in your life in the past, end during this time. There is likely to be a deep interest in clarifying your goals this year, and much soul searching could be done in this respect. In a way, this urge originates from a desire to seek meaning in life from deep within yourself, and by the end of the year you are likely to realise that you need to re-charge your batteries quietly behind the scenes rather than seek the limelight, understanding that recognition will come later, and that it might be better for the present moment to take the time to reflect.

Black & White Compressed

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives for now in the South West of Ireland. Throughout my life, I have watched as the planets have woven their stories around me, for it is a truth that my love affair with the stars has been and will be life-long. I can often be found at home, deep in arcane research, or practising some new form of divination, usually whilst trying not to burn the dinner! My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance across the thresholds of life experiences as defined by the outer planet transits. Through combining Astrology with Tarot and Shamanic techniques, I work with you, the client, to open the way to self-empowerment and healing, helping you to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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