“What Is The Future Of My Relationship?”

“The long unmeasured pulse of time moves everything. There is nothing hidden that it cannot bring to light, nothing once known that may not become unknown. Nothing is impossible.”  


Horary astrology, meaning “the astrology of the hour” was up until relatively recently, the most important tool in every astrologer’s toolbox. Requiring the detailed study of rigorous and sharply defined symbolism, its popularity gradually waned in favor of modern astrological thought which is based on essential principles and a psychological approach.

The modern horary technique that I use, remains reliant on the traditional methods that developed over the centuries and which were gathered together in William Lilly’s 17th Century work “Christian Astrology”. This three volume book of over eight hundred pages is drawn from sources as early as Ptolemy, Manillus and Dorotheus, writing two thousand years ago in the 1st Century. Influenced by history’s greatest Astrologers, men such as Masha’Allah, Bonatti, Culpepper, and Al Biruni, to name but a few, William Lilly distilled much of this knowledge into his work, and left Christian Astrology with its valuable case histories as a testament that remains valid and workable to this day.

It must be accepted however, that unlike much astrology that is currently in vogue, horary is first and foremost a method of divination. The moment that the client’s question is understood fully by the astrologer is taken as the source of the horary chart, which is read according to particular rules and parameters. From this we can interpret the state of the querentand also the conditions surrounding the question. The answer to the question may then be deduced from the prevailing conditions that exist within the chart. The horary technique may be used to answer an enormous variety of questions, ranging from relationships to house purchases, from health matters to lost items and from missing persons to pregnancy; but one factor underpins them all; it cannot be an idle question that has had no thought put into it, and which is asked on the whim of the moment.

Once the question remains in the heart of the questioner, and cannot seem to be answered in any other way, i.e. it has become a burning question then the question may be asked. The astrologer, on receiving and understanding the full meaning of the question, and being ready to answer the question, then, and only then, casts the chart. In its way, it is a moment of magic, where we can tap into the knowledge inherent in the universe to see what may come to pass.


My client Carrie contacted me in the spring of 2020 to ask about her new relationship and whether it held any long term potential. She had not as yet actually met Jane, the woman concerned, but had been engaging in a rather intense (mainly on her side) written correspondence and wanted to know if there was any future for them as a couple.

The horary chart has a Gemini ascendant with Venus rising at 21 degrees, forming a close conjunction with both Carrie’s natal Venus and Jane’s natal Jupiter. The angular position of Venus and the way it highlights both natal charts, cements both partners firmly in the chart, suggesting that it would be an accurate significator for the life expectancy of the relationship.

Carrie is shown by the ruler of the ascendant, Mercury at 24 degrees of Taurus, peregrine and conjunct her natal Sun, whilst Jane is described by the Sagittarius descendant (conjunct her own natal Moon) and by Jupiter, in detriment and unfortunately placed in the 8th house. The Moon, also a co-significator for the querent, as well as for the object of her enquiry, is found in Sagittarius in the 6th house, in opposition to her natal Mercury and in the same sign as Jane’s natal Moon. 

Through just considering the first few details of Mercury, Venus, the Moon and Jupiter, I already had a horary chart that closely linked these two people who obviously shared a close affinity even though they had not yet physically met, the signification clearly describing the yearning of a long distance relationship expressed through letters.

The position of Venus in Gemini so close to the ascendant and applying by trine to angular Mars in Aquarius painted a clear picture of my clients intense approach; she had already admitted that most of the energy was coming from her side and was keen to explore whether this would be reciprocated in due course.

Despite Venus casting her benefic rays onto the ascendant, she is peregrine, slow in speed and will turn retrograde in 4 days. Mercury, Carrie’s main significator is combust, located in the 12th house and applying to a square with Mars, so even though she desires a relationship, as is shown by Venus’ prominence, she is not in a place where she is truly visible. Lilly writes…” Beware in all Judgements, when the significator of the question is either Combust, or in Opposition to the Sun, he will then signify nothing of the matter; no good, nor is he able to bring anything to perfection.”

Jane’s significator Jupiter, the ruler of the 7th, isn’t well placed at all, in fall in Capricorn, placed in the unfortunate 8th, applying to a received conjunction with Saturn and also about to turn retrograde. According to Lilly…”If the fortunes signify anything, and are cadent, or ill placed in Dignities, or behold not the ascendant, or are Retrograde, then they are impeded, and shall perform little, if not received.” The Moon, which must be considered in all questions, applies to an opposition with Venus, highlighting the square from Neptune, whilst Mars, elevated and angular does not suggest the happy outcome that my client was hoping for.

With much of the signification in cadent or dark houses, the impending retrograde passages of both Venus and Jupiter, together with the angular Mars, I judged that despite the promising connections with the natal chart and the angular position of Venus, that the relationship was unlikely to be the energetic and mutually sustaining partnership that my client was seeking. Although Mercury applies to Jupiter by trine, describing the intellectual compatibility they shared, Carrie’s co-significator, Venus, is in aversion to Jupiter, they are in signs that do not see each other at all.

Although on paper the relationship showed promise, in person things didn’t work out so well for them and Carrie confirmed that when they finally met in person it was not as she had hoped. Although she gave it her best shot, the love relationship faltered in approximately 11 months, described by the 11 degrees that the Moon needs to reach the descendant. Despite the couple continuing as companions for some time after, nothing further came of it.

names have been changed

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