The Metamorphosis of Narcissus: A Tarot Spread for Healing

Joanna-Kate Grant

A tarot spread designed with the Narcissistic dynamic in mind. Empaths are notorious for attracting these types of relationships, as their gentle, sensitive and giving nature makes them an easy target for the deeply wounded spirit that often lies at the heart of the people that they attract.

Card 1: What dynamic in me attracted this person?

This gives the dynamic within the querant that has attractedthe relationship in the first place. This may not be an attractive aspect, and may bring up difficult energy or unresolved issues from the past. This is “why” the relationship happened.

Card 2: Where was I blind to the situation?

This gives the aspect of the relationship that “made it all worthwhile” this is what fed the relationship, and is probably what the client finds it hardest to let got of.

Card 3: What did I gain from the situation?

This card will represent…

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