The 6 of Cups

With a hesitance born of a life on land, I stand warily on the threshold of the 6 of Cups, frigid water lapping against my feet. I stand uncertainly, wondering how I can walk into a place where there is no land. Tentatively I feel beneath the water with my toes, and after some fruitless searching, manage at last to find a secure footing, I finally I step forward through the veil into another place.
I look up to see a long narrow jetty, planks silvered and scarred by the salt, crusts of white crystals clinging to the high water marks. Stretching far out into a calm blue sea, the boardwalk culminates in a small gazebo type building that appears to represent the past, for I have a strong feeling that I can’t or don’t want to go there. I look around searching for further clues, and see 6 large silver Cups floating in the water, about two meters away from the jetty, just out of my reach. I kneel down and try to reach them but even though I lie down and stretch as far as I can, they keep bobbing away, just beyond my reach. In the end I realize that the only way I am going to get close to them is to examine them from the water, so feeling quite apprehensive, I dive into the sparkling sea.
A shocking cold compresses my lungs and nearly overwhelms me, but once the initial rush has passed, the water feels wonderful, my body tingles with excitement and I feel exhilarated and glowing.
Able now to view the Cups from beneath the surface, I carefully study their formation. Each one is connected by a long pipe that feeds down, clearly visible in the crystal clear water, to the ocean floor. Here the pipes are each connected to their own large clam, a clam that glows with an blue iridescent light from its position on the sea bed.
After I have watched this process going on beneath the sea, I swim ashore, and climb out onto a beautiful shoreline. Towering cliffs, naked of vegetation, shield deep ravines where cushions of sea-pinks and wild thyme soften the ground, there are look-outs for adventurers and corners for lovers. Dark caves beckon or threaten according to your nature and inviting silver beaches glister in the sun and whisper of rare shells that may be found within their embrace.
I strain to see any evidence of human life on this rich but barren shore, and fail to see any buildings, or people of any kind, the only living things on the land seemed to be the small crustaceans that live on the beach, and suddenly I feel sad that I am sitting here alone in this wondrous place, unable to share with anyone.
As if in answer to my thoughts, I look up to see Malachi walking towards me, and he sits down comfortably on the shingle next to me. I ask him to tell me the story of this place, and he begins to relate in the usual dispassionate but kindly way that he has of explaining things. He says that the silver Cups in the ocean represent my past relationships, and that is why I cannot reach them anymore, they are no longer part of my life. He also tells me that the reason that there was nothing else on the beach apart from me was that there didn’t need to be, this was my space, as beautiful as I was beautiful, needing no-one else. The beach is a place of acceptance of self and a place or readiness to relate to another as an equal, without armor, without pretense.
The message was that it is important to make peace with the past, for it has shaped the present, and in turn will help to shape the future, and that you cannot change the past, only accept what it has offered you.

The 6 of Cups
Sun in Scorpio
Lord of Pleasure

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