Autumn Equinox/Mabon Tarot Blog Hop, 2015

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Welcome to the Mabon Blog Hop!

Evolution 4 Elements by Aia Leu

For this project, I have chosen, as the card to represent Mabon, Justice, or as it is called in the Thoth, Adjustment.

Although often portrayed as a very cerebral woman, this card, for me, is all about balance, not just in terms of the intellect, but also in the physical, the emotional and the spiritual, an acceptance that there has to be an adjustment, a re-balancing, even a paying of dues, at this time of year. She is after all associated with Venus, through Libra, echoing Venus’ love of harmony. The Autumn equinox gives us equal day, and equal night. The harvest home brings us the fruits of what we have sown earlier in the year, so that we may consider where we did well, but also where we may improve in the future. It is a time of rejoicing, and also of letting go…… a time of gain, and also of loss.

My creative contribution to this page, is in poetry form, and I have chosen, as the visual offering, original artwork by my friend, the artist Aia Leu, whose work is inspired by the elemental landscapes which surround us in Ireland where we live.


Turning sounds, tawny and amber
Falling whispers, drifts of leavesoak-aia-leu
Blowing, dying,
Through the darkening trees
Of autumn time
When dreams not filled
Will rest for now maybe,
To crack and mellow with the frost
Of coal black winter,lime-aia-leu
Broken down to element and bone,
Like the jigsaw of our patterned lives.
Briefly garbed in finery,
The woodlands hold their glowing robes
Against the rising smoky wind
That snatches, pulling stalk by twig
Unclothing them and laying bare,oak-aia-leu
Till finally the richness spreads in tides
Across the ground beneath our feet,
And gives us gold in hue of leaves
For all that summer greenery and promise.
A dying glory to verify
That that which flowers, must also die,
To fall and wither in the earth,willow-aia-leu
And wait for spring to give it birth,
When we will see new life and know
That seeds of all our future dreams
Are marked in rustling crimson now,
Upon the flaming autumn ground.

The Moon Subconscious by Aia Leu

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14 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox/Mabon Tarot Blog Hop, 2015

  1. That Evolution 4 Elements image is stunning! And I loved your poem – deeply atmospheric. Thanks for sharing both with us 🙂


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