The Sun

I sit today at Lughnasadh, the day of The Sun, and it seems especially fitting that this is the next card that I will journey into; not that it has been by design that I have chosen this particular card, for this particular day, but rather for other, more subtle reasons that have woven themselves together in the usual timely fashion, to present themselves in a way that suggests coincidence, synchronicity or serendipity. The festival of Lughnasadh marks the beginning of the visible descent of the Sun towards the dark of winter, when we see the first fruits of the harvest emerge from the marriage of the earth goddess and the sun god which took place in May at Bealtaine. This, the third fire festival of the year, marks a time of celebration for this bounty, but is also a time of tension, as we sense that the dark days of winter are drawing inexorably nearer.

In the stillness of the hallway of beginnings, I feel calm and at peace, with a sense of heaviness that descends upon me before I can even begin to summon the light from the earth beneath my feet. I feel amorphous and malleable, relaxed and fluid, and gradually I feel that I am losing my form, and turning into a shapeless mass of glorious gleaming elemental gold. I sit back and relax into the strangely sensuous and seductive sensations and allow myself to be shaped and formed by the energies of The Sun.

Unsure as to how I have attained the upper landing today, for surely I no longer possess legs, I roll like a giant golden egg along the wooden floor and slip gently through the doorway into the bright and blazing land of The Sun.  The landscape stretches away from me in a yawning yellow vista of light, and I struggle to find any feature that I can recognise, but as my eyes, or my sense of having eyes, adjust to the dazzling promises ahead of me, I see sitting in the middle distance a large white Hare. The Hare sits calmly, but looks rather lonely, as if he is waiting for something or someone to arrive, and for some reason I feel that I cannot communicate with him. I appraise the situation, and feel that I need help on this one, and so for the first time in a while now, I ask for Malachi to come and help me.

Malachi arrives at his usual gentle but insistent pace, approaching the Hare and gathering it to him, where it immediately nestles into his chest and quickly begins to looks very much at home. Malachi turns to me then and talks to me about the card of The Sun. He tells me that the lesson is to learn to welcome and embrace the other side of yourself, the half of you which rests in the opposite, the unclaimed part of your soul. He tells me that once you can unite with this other part, then the true joy of your soul can come into being, and that you will dance and shine upon the mountaintop of experience like the sun in the noon sky.

He tells me that often we fear what is unknown to us, and that this creature sleeps in the shadows undiscovered and unknown, holding us hostage as we strive constantly to find that which eludes and evades us. He says also, that the Hare is a beast that is sacred to the Moon, and as such, symbolizes the creature of fear that lies within my heart, but without which I remain infertile and unable to reach the completion that I so desire.

Malachi smiles at me, and cradles the Hare for a moment longer before placing him gently on the ground and walking away into the trees that have appeared on the right of my vision. The Hare follows him like some witches familiar, following him with that peculiar grace that they possess, and I remain alone in the bright and blazing landscape, wondering about shadows that fall behind us when the sun is in the sky, and the games we played as children when we tried to capture the shadows of our youth. Light and dark, sunshine and shadows, it seems that the answer to the sun lies in the shadow, and so with this thought I turn with all the strength that I can muster in my sublimely heavy and amorphous state, as I hear the clarion call that beckons me home to the hallway of beginnings through the glistening golden gate of The Sun.

The Sun XIX
The Lord of the Fire of the World
Planetary Trump of The Sun
Hebrew Letter Resh

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