New Moon in Pisces 26th Feb 2017 The Key to the Labyrinth

The New Moon in Pisces on Sunday 26th February 2017, falls at 8 degrees 12 of Pisces, in the first Decan (in the first 10 degrees). In Tarot this place is associated with The 8 of Cups. This Decan resonates with images of The Labyrinth, and the often foggy path that we can tread as we seek to find our way through the countless distractions in life, in order to build a true spiritual structure that is meaningful for us and from which we can operate from safety and security. Unlike the enchanted promises of others, the siren songs and the lures of false prophets, our own hard work and the lessons learned through our experiences of loss, dissolution and heartbreak, will serve us far better than the castles that we may build on the promises of pretty mouthed strangers.

The New Moon this month, strikes at the heart of a cardinal T-Square, and offers a seed moment for initiation, a window of opportunity that we can step through in order to combine the divergent forces that are surrounding us, so that we can center ourselves within “eye of the storm” in order to gain mastery over our destiny.

This New Moon, we can avail of the loosening powers of Pisces to help us to finally let go of the patterns that have held us for so long in our fear and darkness. The way will then be open to draw in the vision that is there for us, to head into uncharted waters where we can hope to govern the forces that surround us, to call in and manifest that which we need in our lives to restore balance around us and to build in our outer worlds, the dreams that we carry within us.


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