You become aware today of the huge creative power of the love that you contain, and the potential that you have of being able to make this manifest in your life through its practical expression in the outer world . Work must be done however, and a balanced and practical approach adopted, if you are to see the full potential of your yearnings come to fruition. Ensuring that your focus and organisation is maintained will give you the best chance of achieving that which you desire, helping you in harnessing the energies in the way that you would like. Making sure that you take care of yourself mind, body and soul will help you to stay connected to the source of love in your life and will encorage you in bringing your creative works into the outer world.  Do what works best for you…. and believe in your own truth, remembering that the strength of your connection to your own love and joy will help you to listen to the message of your heart.

The Three of Disks, The Two of Cups, The Prince of Wands.