The New Moon in Aries March 28th 2017

As the Moon moves to meet the Sun, tonight, in the sign of Aries, she has spent an emotional day. Meeting both Chiron in Pisces, and retrograde Venus, The Moon has listened to some sad stories, and is now preparing to sever her connections with the past, and to leave behind the primordial chaos and engulfing waters of Pisces,  to start a new cycle in Aries. It is a powerful time to set new intentions, especially those which require the severing of bonds that are no longer required. Invoking the power of the Two of Wands to bring you through the chaos of delivery into the dawn of a new personal era, will help you to disconnect from unhealthy connections and to help you to begin again in a distinct and individual way. The axe is a symbol that has long been associated with this part of the zodiac, and with it brings a warning to be respectful of this energy also, for although this power may be used to cut a path into a new way of life, its energy may also be used to detrimental effect, and like the thunderbolt, can be difficult to control.

New Moon in Aries Tuesday 28th March

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