The Daily Thoth: Tuesday March 28th 2017

Insights gained yesterday, may already be taking effect as you begin to recognise where you can make changes in your life, rather than merely hoping that they will arrive. You see that you may be carrying something that is hindering your progress, and that you are now ready to approach matters in a less judgemental fashion. Some ideal or belief that has been hindering you may now be set down, and as you do this, the energy becomes less of a burden, and more of a good lesson learned. In this way, you allow the energies in life more expression, and can appreciate the tensions inherent in situations, without allowing this to take over and rule your life. This new freedom allows change to enter the picture, and helps you to break loose of the fixed ideas about how things need to be, to which you may have been clinging for far too long. Although this whole experience may be challenging, it also offers liberation and signifies the potential for a more creative future, less attached to your rigid ideals, and one where energy flows more powerfully, inviting continuous movement and forward motion. Less focused on preserving what you see as perfect, you feel more able to move through life, appreciating each moment for the beauty that it holds, rather than trying to hold things in a static form.

The 2 of Disks, The 10 of Wands, The 4 of Wands.

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