Gypsies,Tramps & Thieves: Are Tarot Readers and Astrologers Charlatans or Seers?

Today, as Chiron, “the wounded healer” squared The Sun in the sky, aspecting my own Gemini North Node, I got my first piece of negative feedback……. ever, and boy was it bad!! here are some excerpts:

“I was looking forward to receiving some guidance/insight please don’t tell me that’s it!”

“I wasn’t going to write back as I feel I’ve already paid too much for this reading, but I thought it may help you improve your service and so others can receive  something worth while.”

“The cards you pulled were not mine, they were for someone else, maybe even yourself, also, the long winded patronizing blurb at the end, telling me to look within to find the answers, is the last thing someone wants to hear after they’ve paid you close to $100 (Australian…. this is €50 in my currency) to get some insight from tarot/astro.” 

“There’s some constructive feedback for you, but I don’t think it’ll be published it in the testimonial section.”

Well…… needless to say, I have offered to lay the cards again, but something tells me that this person will not be happy with any result….. The shadow card was The Devil……..and I wrote……

Thoth Devil
The Devil

“The Shadow card behind this reading was, of course The Devil. This card tells me that you are at a powerful stage in your life, where you are being urged to release the strength of your shadow, to truly align yourself with your deepest desires. Rather than forcing your strength to remain hidden and controlling you from the depths of the unconscious, this card reveals that it is time to release your energy. Look carefully at what it is that you really do want, in your most perfect version of your life, and see if you can work towards manifesting this. Do not be afraid of yourself, for you contain all the answers that you could ever desire. Try to be completely honest about your deepest needs, wants and yearnings, even if this feels difficult for you, for only you know what it is that you truly crave, in the deepest recesses of your soul, now is the time to bring these things into the light.”

I think that we can safely say the the shadow “emerged” .

Blessed Be

4 thoughts on “Gypsies,Tramps & Thieves: Are Tarot Readers and Astrologers Charlatans or Seers?

  1. Ouch! Sometimes people are just not ready to hear the guidance you have to offer, even if they came asking for it. Some people only want to hear one thing. And then there are those who can’t take anything phrased in the imperative case, and some who won’t feel satisfied no matter what, as you say. It’s especially hard when the reading isn’t face-to-face so you can get a sense of how they’re doing with the dynamic.

    Is there any way to keep this from happening? Not sure there is. You could maybe put a sample reading on your website so people understand your style before they sign up? Regardless, sorry to hear this crappy thing happened. Don’t let it ruin your week!

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    1. Thank you!! I think that in future, I will indicate clearly where I have used astrology, as although this made up the majority of the reading, this was the main gripe, that I did not use it…. and yes, a sample reading is a very good idea… I do have one on my site somewhere, but perhaps I have not indexed it. Thank you for your comment, it is always valuable to get further insight from people in the know ❤


  2. I think this kind if response prompts some to read tjose happy jolly reads. The readers who’s say…” these people are so eounded, that I’m going to read nothing but positivity.” For me…giv me what the cards day, the good, the bad and the ugly. I’d rather hav some insight than stay blind. Even if it smarts !!!


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