The Eight of Wands

Today is a day for change, a day for the dissolution of form, the ending of fixity, a day for allowing dreams to rush unbidden from my fingers, to let them stream into the universe like angels, borne aloft on the breeze, igniting with the fractals of sunshine lighting the leaves on the trees, to send them adrift into the sky, burgeoning, building and snapping like spinnakers into a riot of colour and harmony, sailing free into the summer skies.

I rise from the old elm chair in the Hallway of Beginnings, with tears already flowing down my cheeks, the emotions that have built a structure of form within my heart, an object of stability and permanence, ready now to be released, to seek their escape, to go from me into the world, as I let go of what has been.

With my face wet from the life that bleeds from my eyes, I open the door and walk into a land of breathless light and electric storms, a place pulsating with pregnant potential, the seeds of flowers yet to be born, the yearning for manifestation. In the strangely yellow light, I see a large cube of a strange translucent material, standing ahead of me in the landscape. It is about shoulder height to me and I approach it, scanning the surface, touching its smooth exterior, feeling for any imperceptible break in the pristine and polished surface, but it gives me no clue.

From within the structure I see a glow, emanating from the milky depths, an energy of life that reminds me of a child within a womb, the pulsating growth of a foetus fighting against the restriction of its mother, fighting to emerge into the daylight, fighting to be seen, but held in check until the time is right. Held by the force of nature, held in anticipation, until the flood, the release, the urge to become that mounts until it is so great that birth will occur, that like an arrow from a bow it will fly with the full force of its essence into the created universe.

I climb up upon the cube, and lie there on the still, polished and translucent surface, and feel the energy emanating from beneath me. My cheek rests on the satin softness, and I struggle with the concept of being unable to free what lies within. My tears still seep from my tired eyes, wetting the virginity of the faultless cube upon which I am lying, and I let go of my form, I let go of the tension that I hold, the purpose that restrains me and keeps me whole. I let myself feel the structure beneath me with the whole of my being, and in doing so, I sense that my tears are beginning to erode the hard casing of the cube, and that the skin of it is starting to dissolve.

I dally in the now granular place where the surface is being eroded, with my fingers tips, sensing and exploring, feeling the differences that lie between the hard silken shell and the soft desiccating sensations of where the shell is beginning to erode. I look up above me, and see that the sky is changing into an ark of angelic forms, a lattice of rainbow colours arching over me, and I rise to my feet, placing them in the place where the skin of the cube is breaking, and reach up to grasp the angelic forms that writhe above me. I am filled with love of these beings, a song of harmony and joy flowing down through my supplicant hands, allowing the vibrations of their voices and the nuances of their rainbow smiles to drift down through me into the place that I stand upon.

And as I do this, the structure beneath me starts to dissolve and change and transform into an amorphous mass of strands and fibers that I reach for and draw to me. As I grasp the strands, I become a weaver, gathering and joining and turning and threading until I have created a crystalline structure that holds the strength of the solid cube that I was presented with originally, but that glistens and shimmers with all the colours of the rainbow, the commonality of carbon that has become a diamond. This beautiful creation has been freed from the centre of the enigmatic cube, and what had seemed before to be an impossibility, has become a beautiful living miracle. This reminds me that the seeds of possibility lie in what may seem to be the most inaccessible of places and I am the archer, that holds the bow, and that I am the connection that will bring forth those seeds and grow them into the full flower of their manifestation.

I watch the glowing effervescence of the crystal as it captures the light around it, refracting and transforming it into the myriad colours of the rainbow and I see how letting go of the need to solve the cube, allowed me to find the secret that lay within its heart, to see the beauty that I had always dreamed of and that it happened easily, and quickly, without effort, through accepting the strength of my contact with the divine.

The Eight of Wands
Mercury in Sagittarius
Nought to 10 degrees of Sagittarius
The Lord of Swiftness

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the Head Shot Fadebeautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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