The Story of Fire- Part 5

Pushing through the portal, she finds herself in front of a huge gate which is flanked by the enormous winged lions of Xerxes. They stand there, massive figures of protection, staring hypnotically into the distance, gazing at spans of time that put her mortal self to shame. She is reminded of the vastness of the centuries, the paths that weave their convoluted ways through history, leading this way and that, as she busies herself with seeking secrets that she believes hold her in ignorance.

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_The Story of Fire_ Part Three

Power rises in her today, with the feeling that there is something to be done, to make a difference to her world, to use this journey into the land beyond the door in a way that will help. The healing power of the sun seeps into her bones, crowning her with the knowledge that she is a queen in her world, and she passes through the flaming scarlet portal, to find herself in a rich landscape of verdant colours, their intensity and passion vying with each other for supremacy.

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The Story of Fire-Part Eight

a day for allowing dreams to rush unbidden from my fingers, to let them stream into the universe like angels, borne aloft on the breeze, igniting with the fractals of sunshine lighting the leaves on the trees, to send them adrift into the sky, burgeoning, building and snapping like spinnakers into a riot of colour and harmony, sailing free into the summer skies.

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The Four of Wands

The place where I am standing, is thick with cypress trees, and I feel that these stately and noble trees have a meaning, and I remember that they contain the key which can thread together the elements of healing and death, light and darkness, wisdom and woe. They speak to me with their heavy darkness ad stately mien, and they tell me that after darkness comes light, after pain comes rest… and that they are the symbols of this, the protector of souls that travel in dark places

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The Ace of Wands

All journeys begin like this, a whispered vision that flutters in the distant reaches of the mind. Like a newly emerged butterfly that hesitates in the sunlight, drying her newly washed wings, the ideas of adventure weave themselves slowly behind my awareness, one layer at a time, as I carefully build a picture of what needs to come next.

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