The Seven of Wands

Long seems to be this road that I am walking on, and all of a sudden I feel tired by the relentless nature of this journey; I am wondering if there will ever be an end to it, and yet also know that there must be. And I am drawn into the turmoil of my thoughts, the whirling eddies that fire the eternal flames of my imagination, throwing me into the abyss of memory to call into the void and conjure images from the wellsprings of my ancestors. Who knows what magicians and seers have traveled here before I, and who have also seen the pictures and glyphs that move across the faces of eternity. Long have I sat here in the hallway of beginnings, focusing on drawing the energy up from beneath my feet, drawing it from the core of the earth in order to fuel my journeys into the realm of vision. And now I summon it again, power of earth, to journey into the land of eternal fire, to travel into the card of Valour, The Seven of Wands, Mars in Leo and my companion on the road today.

The stairs glide past me effortlessly, and I pause before the doorway to listen to the quiet and the stillness. Not a whisper can I hear in the silence, the absence of presence, the void of unknowing, the empty canvas, and I open the heavy door on its soft and silken hinges and walk through the gold and purple banner that hangs in the portal of the Seven of Wands. The silk slips across my naked arms and I catch my breath with the memories of something that breaks at my awareness for a moment, a fleeting glimpse that disappears as quickly as it comes, dissolving into the curtains of emperor purple that flutter across my vision, obliterating my view. I part them gently wondering what lies beyond, and I see a pouring swathe of coloured light, fractal waterfalls drowning the landscape in a rising symphony of ecstatic colour. Purples and violets, lilacs and greys and all the shades and shadows in between, fall and flow, cascading together in a rapturous and undulating landscape of moving pattern.

As I stand and gaze into this billowing beauty, I see a glowing golden road ahead of me, and I step further into the card, approaching a crossed pattern of six glowing light beams that hang in the air in front of me, making the same shape as the pattern of wands on the card. As I pass through the golden lights, they shatter into a thousand pieces and fall into a pattern on the ground, reforming quickly to make the road ahead of me. I walk further, and the same thing happens again, the golden rods of light shatter all around me and reform upon the ground to make the road upon which I walk. Every few steps, the process repeats, the shattering fractals raining gold upon the ground which reunites and creates the road of my dreams. And as I walk through this dazzling display of creation, I realise that all I experience, all that I embrace, becomes the road upon which I walk. Unless I break the pattern, there will be no road, no path upon which my steps can fall; I will remain forever standing and waiting for the road to open out, viewing my past achievements yet progressing nowhere. I continue on, and the light that explodes from the broken holograms, lights the landscape more and more, until I can see further and further into the purple gloom. I can see how this has become a living process where there is a balance between experience and creation of new experiences. The act of breaking the pattern of the past lays the path for the future, and without this process, without breaking the pattern I am condemned to remain where I am, unable to walk into my future, imprisoned without a path. I must have the courage to move, safe in the faith and knowledge that the road will appear if I can only break the pattern.

As the light around me grows brighter and brighter, I see ahead of me a building, forming in the distance; it might be a gatehouse or something, and as I enter the building I see a man standing at the gate, and he asks me what I am doing here. I say that I have come to find the Seven of Wands, and he tells me that he is the deva of the card; he is the Seven of Wands, Mars in Leo. He looks like a mature man, a seasoned soldier perhaps someone from roman times; he has seen many battles, and tells me that persistence is the key. Young men charge into battle with thoughts of fame and glory and die in their foolish bravery. He tells me that true bravery comes from waiting for the right time, from knowing when to wait, and also knowing when to act, from learning from your own mistakes, and carrying this knowledge with you at all times.  Show becomes unimportant as your experiences mark your individuality and pick you out from the crowd, setting you apart; this is your strength, your gift, this is what will win the day.

I thank the deva and move on to a stairway that leads up behind where he is standing. I climb slowly to the top of the spiral stairs, and walk out upon a parapet where I see that I am looking out over a landscape that I have visited a few times already. I see another castle in the distance, and the Queen of Wands, riding her horse upon the shores of the lake of fire. Malachi still waits beneath the gnarled Pine tree wearing the queen’s cloak, and The Sun hangs in the sky shortly after noon in the endless blue skies. I turn away from this scene, for I hear the clarion call, and walk back down the steps, knowing that everything is as it should be. The deva has gone, and in his place I see that the gateway is filled with the royal colours of the card, and I step back through the portal into The Hallway of Beginnings.

The Seven of Wands
Mars in Leo
20 degrees to 30 degrees of Leo
The Lord of Valour.

I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives in the wilds of Western Ireland. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here at

If you are interested in finding out more about what I offer in terms of astrological guidance, please follow the link: The Court Astrologer

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